Photo Challenge Prompt: Dream World #flashfiction #amwriting #photochallenge

Thank you to MindLoveMiseryMenageria for the picture prompt:




Marvin couldn’t believe this place he’d woken up in. He was eight-years-old in this world, but he wore a space suit. Not the fake dress-up clothes space suit, but an authentic one as the astronauts who flew to the space station wore. 

He was on a planet which wasn’t earth. It was night and the blue-grey sky was alight with stars which lit Martin’s path on dark-green grass like terrafirma. 

Marvin wanted to feel the grass but he knew if he did, he wouldn’t be able to breathe on this planet.

 The most fascinating feature of this environment was that the sea was one with the sky. Marvin wasn’t sure how this was possible, but earth-like sea creatures floated above him. He laughed as a blue whale swam past, stars glittering around the creature.

Marvin was amused to see starfish stuck in the sky, as if they were actual stars. Marvin reached for a starfish and the world he was in dissolved around him. 

When he awoke, Marvin was thirty-eight-years-old and lying in a hospital bed. His wife Lorna sat by his bed, grasping his hand: 

“Marvin you’re back. It’s been a scary forty-eight hours.”He couldn’t speak, it hurt to move. 

In truth, Marvin was disappointed to see Lorna, to be alive. What kind of accident was he in which he was hurt so awfully?  He was painfully drowsy and Martin allowed his mind to slip back into his dream world. 

He was a boy once again and in his astronaut suited hand, he was holding a starfish glowing bright orange and wriggling. He felt such hope and peace in this dream world.

Marvin did not struggle with his drowsiness, to stay in the real world, where Lorna and severe pain waited. 

As he drifted off to explore his dreamscape, he heard the beeps of his heart rate go flat.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


21 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Prompt: Dream World #flashfiction #amwriting #photochallenge”

  1. Mandi, an unexpected ending. Yes, I can understand his desire to stay in his dream world, but I didn’t expect Marvin to flatline. Nice conclusion, love the idea of sky and the sea as one. Great flash fiction. ~ Mia

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    1. Thanks Mia. I think for him, this is some kind of heaven it’s beautiful and serene. Life back on earth would be painful, a long recovery, and I think he doesn’t want to deal with his wife either. Maybe issues there. This is his paradise. Thanks Mia.

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      1. I noticed that, Marvin wasn’t all so happy to see his wife, I chuckled a little. But hey, he made it to paradise! You’re most welcome, enjoy the rest of your evening and have a wonderful Thursday. ~ Mia 🙂

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    1. Thank you PJ. I think he just doesn’t want fight the pain, deal with his wife, so he chooses not to fight and to stay in his dream world. Hopefully, it’s some kind of heaven for him.


  2. Goodness, so sad! But if there’s something to being “in a better place,” then this might be it. Marvin seems happy there. No pain. Laughter, in fact. No Lorna, either. A failing relationship? A thought-provoking narrative, Mandi!

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