Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: The Argument

Thank you to Nortina S for hosting Moral Monday’s 100 Word Flash Fiction. Feel Free to join in to at the link above. Today’s moral is: “Don’t Straddle The Fence.”

arguing girls

“Every time we go to a dance club, you drag me along to talk with some guy you have your eye on. I’d like to talk and dance with guys I like too.” Alex told Suzy who ignored her.

Alex turned to Melissa: “You told me you wanted to talk to a guy tonight but Suzy said he wasn’t worth the effort; it’s not up to Suzy.” 

“I’m fine.” Melissa mumbled, cringing as Suzy glared at her.

“Why did you say yesterday, how tired you were of helping Suzy chase guys?” Alex asked Melissa.

“I don’t want to get between you and Suzy.” Melissa said. 

“You’re a part of this too.” Alex said sternly. 

Suzy rolled her eyes: ” I’m the prettiest girl. I need you both to be wing-women when I’m scoping guys. Melissa gets this, you need to fall in line Alex.” 


*My apologies for going over 100 words this week. I couldn’t seem to chop the story down more.* 

©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

12 thoughts on “Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: The Argument”

    1. No, just a bump. Based off true story. It does work out. Sometimes btw friends, it’s hard to be truthful if certain friends don’t listen, or won’t stand up for themselves. Time changes those petty arguments though.

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    1. Hi PJ. As usual your comments are spot on. I was looking at the piece this morning and I did my best to make it clearer. Sometimes, it’s very hard to do a piece in 100 words so unfortunately, I’m a bit over. But I think the story is better this way.

      This is based off true events actually, I experienced just after university. Suzy thinks she’s prettiest, attracts the most guys and considers Alex and Melissa her ‘wing-women’ who should be helping her get guys.

      Alex stands up to her and tells her, if her or Melissa find a guy they like, they should be able to talk and dance with them too. And Suzy should help them out and be their ‘wing-woman’ in these instances; be a good friend.

      Melissa has complained about Suzy’s behaviour, of ‘using’ her before but when it comes to confronting Suzy and sticking up for Alex, she prefers to ‘sit on the fence’ and act like she is fine letting Suzy do this to her, when really she isn’t.

      Hope that helps. You can reread the piece if you like. Thanks for your honest advice.


  1. The friend between. I guess Alex could stay quiet. But friends are advocates. And errant advocacy seems to be the issue here. Will there be learning or leaving? I appreciate your crafting this tension, Mandi.

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    1. Hi Christopher. Glad you understood. I was looking at the story and adjusting for clarity this morning. It seems a silly thing for girls to be fighting over, but it is based on my past experiences just after university, although not exactly.

      It’s rude of Suzy to always want the attention from guys and not support her friends when they find a guy they want to talk to her or meet. I can’t say any more in the story, but Suzy often ends up ditching her two supposedly best friends, when she finds her target guy.

      Luckily, the real Suzy grew up when her friends left her at the bar one night because they had to go (Melissa drank too much) and she realized how great her boyfriend actually was. Now she has two kids and is married to him.

      So, things work out. Thanks for commenting Christopher 🙂


  2. This is a very cute (and often too true) story. I was a “wing woman” for my friend. I wasn’t as comfortable in the clubs as she was and she found it easy to get the guys. I was the one who would dance with her chosen one’s friend if there was one LOL! I am glad to find you via Jacqueline’s party. We are practically neighbours as I live just outside of Vancouver, BC.

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      1. You are right on that one! But she wouldn’t have met her husband and love of her life if it hadn’t been for me so it worked out okay. She was going after this other guy and I was dancing with the friend who just kept asking me things about MY friend. I finally said to the one who she was dancing with “how about you and I dance” (a very bold move on my part). The rest is history! 😉

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