Sunday Photo Fiction: Part 3 – Nineteen-Years Later

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Mountain homes
A Mixed Bag.

Before they had taken their first flight, Uncle Sam had asked Chad for the calligraphy written letter. They had stopped at a courier and he had the letter sent quickly to a friend.

After weeks travelling, the final leg of their journey ended in the mountains of Switzerland. They traveled by Gondola, before following a path to a sheltered stone doorway in the mountain. Chad had seen windows barely visible on the mountain side.

A man greeted Uncle Sam as they arrived at surprisingly luxurious hide-away.

“Sam, you scared me. I got your letter two-weeks ago.”

“Bastian, this is Chad. We were in New Haven to visit Yale, but the situation escalated quickly. We’re being tracked; the Navy is after us.”

“It has to do with Tom, doesn’t it?”

” It’s why I wrote you Bastian. You were in the Marine’s with Tom. You were there that awful night.” Sam said.

“There was a critical reason Tom had to tell me about it; he had to protect Chad and Mona. She was sent into hiding as you promised, Bastian?”

Chad had to say something: “Mona, My Mom, Mona?”

Bastian scrutinized Chad.”Your Mom is fine Chad. I’ve friends keeping her safe. You know, you look a lot like your Dad.”

“What exactly did my Dad do?” Chad demanded turning to his Uncle.”Back at the hotel in New Haven you promised to tell me everything.I deserve to know what happened.”

Uncle Sam opened his mouth, then the windows exploded. Men in black clothing and masks came in on ropes into the house.

Bastian tossed Chad a gun. “You know how to use this right?”

Chad nodded, running for cover behind the kitchen island. Bullets dinged off metal and splintered wood. He had to shoot one man who came around the island.

When Chad saw the body drop, blood dripping from a bullet hole in the man’s masked forehead, his stomach knotted.

He watched, rapt, as Uncle Sam and Bastian killed eleven other men.

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When I Fall Apart Tonight- by Amanda Eifert #poetry #amwriting 

Hi I wanted to reshare a poem which has been published on I’m. excited to have it published! 


When I Fall Apart Tonight

You can’t fill the spaces with words,

They’re left empty and will always be so.

You can never replace poignant feeling,

There hasn’t been any inner healing.

These spaces are shattered,

Broken into smithereens, glass so sharp —

Splintered and painful, digging into skin until blood trails thick.

You can’t fill these spaces, I wonder why?

Why the creator in His glory, meant for such spaces to be empty?

Complete is a dream; complete doesn’t exist.

Only by my Saviours side, will I ever find peace.

But for someone to love the brokenness,

To fill a gaping hole,

Such a burden to place on a person,

To have them play God, when they’re merely human.

So stay still beside me,

While I fall apart tonight.

It’s my only wish, that somehow when I cry,

I have your T-shirt to cry into.

Knowing you’re by my…

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