Poem: Nonets Cascading – “Only When He Hears Her”

Baby in Crib

A baby laughs, he’s discovered his toes,

Such yummy parts to put in his,

Mouth; and happily gnaw until,

The light catches his eye,

A rainbow forming,

Blue-eyes entranced,

Mouth little,



Then he,

Hears her coming.

Everything was fine,

But he needs her so —

Badly, now he doesn’t know,

Why? But he thinks he might cry,

Things aren’t fine until Mom picks him up,

Pure; yet he cries, just when he hears her.

©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


19 thoughts on “Poem: Nonets Cascading – “Only When He Hears Her””

    1. Yes, for sure. But perhaps not so pure. That’s the point. Lutheran’s of course are taught in Sunday school we are conceived in sin. We have that innate sin all the way back from Adam.

      Though many people, I think even other religions in Christianity, think children are pure, I’m saying they are not.. We may think that want innocent, but is it always?

      If the baby needs something, it is one thing, but if he just wants to bother his Mom and is otherwise content, is that not a kind of sin? I’m not exactly sure, but I was playing with the idea.

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      1. You are right, of course. Purity is relative. I grew up in a Presbyterian church, where the depravity of all humanity (save Jesus) was key doctrine along with providence and the precept of the elect. We are a fallen people; and, actually, I think it’s a fallen cosmos. Thankfully, there’s salvation for the cost of grace. And grace is free. Thank you for your refining insights. You keep us on course!

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      1. There are many perspectives and views on a piece of poetry that are right. It’s not English class where only what the teacher or prof says is right. The beauty of a poem is multiple interpretations because everyone has different experiences. I liked your reading the best. Mine was a bit more grim. We see young toddlers and babies to be innocent yet many religions in Christianity say we are born into sin. So even babies are sinful. Though we might see this little guy as “pure” he doesn’t need his Mom, he’s fine occupying himself. All his needs are met, yet he had to buy his mother just because he hears her. Is this the innocent want of a baby for his Mom or a baby manipulating his mother to come pick him up by crying, even though he needs nothing. Something to consider. Lol. Thanks Rosema. I hope you are able to enjoy some of the summer weather!

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      2. Oh wow. Those are wise lovely thoughts. You main message for the poem is really grim but i somehow see it differently.

        Summer is long done here. 🙂 It’s wet season now. But you enjoy yours, my friend! ❤

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      3. Ah, rain can be depressing I guess. I know in Vancouver their winter is just rain, and the sun hardly pokes out. We may get snow and cold here, but I appreciate the sunlight. And it’s not so cold after you are used to the first couple bad days. Hope you have sunlight soon 🙂

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      4. Yes. For me rain is a bit melancholic. But i think global warming is really true. It’s supposed to be a stormy season already but i think we only had 2 storms for this year. my country averagely has 20 to 22 typhoons per year and it is now almost August.

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      5. Yes. It is scary. But it is a mix of strong and moderate ones. Yes. A looot. Thousands of lives are killed annually. If you know Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, it’s the strongest storm ever to land and it hit PH. Total fatalities reached over 6,000.

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      6. OMG. So awful Rosema. I knew you guys got awful storms there, but I did not know they could and do kill so many. Prayers for your country and keep safe you, your guy, and your family 🙏🏻❤️

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  1. Oh, such thought-provoking conversation you guys are having up there. Hmm. As for my side of the coin, I’d like to relate the baby to us (adults). The baby is a fragile being who can’t live on his own and who needs his mother at all times (even when he is being a “burden”). Concurrently, we could view ourselves as the baby- weak and fragile- turning to our parents or God when all else fails. We keep failing and ends up crying over and over again yet we always find a safe place in our parents’ and God’s arms. 🙂

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    1. Wow, well said Maria. I love the spiritual aspect, us being such as infants God takes care of. That’s a very interesting viewpoint and I agree with it too. I love all the viewpoints a poem can entail.


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