Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: The Passing Of The Pocket-Watch #amwriting #flashfiction

Thank you to Roger Shipp for hosting FFftPP.




“I haven’t seen a watch like this in years. My great-grandfather had one . . . I was only a boy of seven and I remember sitting on his lap.” Edgar said.

“That’s nice Dad. You always tell me this story. It’s your watch now Dad, remember?” Tracy interrupted.

“No, it was Great-Grandpa Vern’s watch. I sat on his lap an he said I could have it when he died. He was eighty-four which was quite old for the time .  .  .” 

“Your Great-Grandpa did die Dad. A year later, he got the flu; you told me. You inherited his watch.” Tracy said.

“He died? I don’t remember him giving me the watch . . . But I suppose, since I have it — it’s my watch now. How old am I?” 

Tracy patted her Dad’s hand, “You’re ninty-seven Dad. You lived longer than your Dad or your Grandpa or your Great-Grandpa.” 

“Ninty-seven?” Edgar said surprised.

Tracy nodded.

“Time goes fast. When I die, best give the watch to your boy; the one with all the tattoos.” Edgar remarked, peering at Tracy. He didn’t know her, only knew she was his daughter because she visited. 

Edgar was shocked to realize he was ninty-seven. The watch would have to go to his only grandson.

There had to be productivity and hard work hidden in those tattoos somewhere.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


22 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: The Passing Of The Pocket-Watch #amwriting #flashfiction”

  1. Hopefully, the grandson will appreciate and take care of the watch. Great job describing the harsh realities of living with dementia.

    I like your new pictures by the way. You’re the selfie queen!

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    1. Haha thanks Jenn. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I just had my hair done and curled so I figured I needed to take one 🙂 I think the Grandson has good qualities beyond his tattoos. And yes, the dementia is very sad always. Thanks for commenting and replying 🙂

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  2. I see you have written a story among similar lines here. Great story! It was short, but contained all the emotions it should convey. At least Edgar has someone to pass the watch on to and talk about it. Really nicely written. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Nandini. It’s flash fiction so it’s generally shorter. This piece I think was supposed to be around 200 words but I stretched it. Yes, it’s good Edgar has his Grandson. He is dealing with dementia and is not always there. But he has enough clarity for a moment to realize how old he is and that is grandson tattoos or not, is his legacy. Thanks for reading. Lovely name by the way. I have not seen it before I started blogging on here a few years ago 🙂

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  3. Poor grandpa is somwhat confused, but alert enough to recognize the change in the youth today compared to when he was a young man. The tattoos are things his generation did not have and he felt there was potential in his grandson even if he had tattoos on his body. Great story, Mandi! 🙂

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  4. It’s nice to see how patient Tracy is with him. There can be family members who get fed up when a parent suffers from dementia. I’m sure Edgar will turn out to be a responsible adult, tattoos and all! ☺

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    1. Thanks S. Yes, she would have to, I think by this point, have learned to be patient with Edgar. And I think her son probably has some great qualities, Grandpa doesn’t remember him, only his tattoos stick-out enough for him to recall.

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  5. I couldn’t help but think of the pocket watch I have. It’s my grandfather’s. It’s old. It’s cracked–I don’t care. It’s grand. (Like my grandfather and grandmother.)

    I should think of it as legacy, though rarely do. Legacy is addressed impressively here. Especially with the turns toward the end. The father dealing with the surprise of his age, the daughter considering how the watch might be valued by her child. Thanks for this evocative treat!

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    1. Hi Christopher. Happy weekend. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece. The grandfather is dealing with dementia and it makes things difficult. He would know more about his only grandson and daughter, but his memory isn’t always sharp as he would like. He does remember his grandson has all these tattoos and I think he hopes their is a legacy in him, handing down the pocket-watch. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

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    1. Thanks Rosema. Yeah Dementia is sad and Edgar has lived a long life. It’s wonderful he wants to pass his watch on even though all he knows about his Grandson (because he’s forgotten) is his tattoo sleeves. I still thing his Grandson will be very touched and isn’t the hooligan Grandpa might think.


      1. Glad you like my friend. I apologize. I will send those questions tomorrow for the interview tomorrow by lunch here. I’ve had a very tiring day; some days I wake up fatigued from the beginning and it doesn’t improve much. Thank goodness other days are better 🌺🙏🏻

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