18 thoughts on “Fiction: She’s Just Not That Into You #wordhighjuly #fiction #oblivious #silakbo”

  1. You really have to worry about guys who in advance tell you that you are going to like sex with them…..your character is right, they just don’t get it, they remove all emotional content and replace it with some odd and perverse attitude that it is all a physical exercise and nothing more…duh…..it does go along way to explaining their one night stand status, though it does worry me as to how many gullible and or desperate girls there must be out there to want guys like him…..sorry I do have an axe to grind over such matters Mandi…..very well written by the way…

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    1. No I totally get why you have an axe to grind here. It makes me angry too, which was why I wrote the piece. Too many guys out there and this is what they’re like, self-obsessed and sex obsessed, not understanding how harmful they are, how they hurt, woman and girls.
      Thanks for your comments on the piece Michael.

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      1. I think you are right. My experience has been with some, they get hurt by a special lady, and they don’t recover. Never want to risk to hurt again. So yes, they are terrified of women in that regards.

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  2. Well written piece, Amanda, you convey very accurately what a ghastly and arrogant tube (Scots word for someone who is inflated by his own ego) Will is.
    I do wonder why Melonie is so patient with him, perhaps you yourself always try to communicate, even when it becomes hopeless.
    Good stuff, very realistic.

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