Three Line Tales: The Ferry to Hades #3LineTales #greekmythology #ferry

Thank you to the lovely Sonya of 100 Words or Less for hosting 3 Line Tale prompts each week.

Charlie Hang

Come ride the ferry cross the Acheron, the boundary between earth and Hades; come all souls, Charon assures you may enter; your relatives paid your way, placing in your mouth a coin; once entered Hades in the gorge, you can never leave.

Come ride the ferry where the five rivers meet – Styx, Phlegethon, Acheron, Lethe, Cocytus – converging in the marsh called Styx; the river, the marsh, the goddess, all gods swear upon it when they make their oaths, to keep their promises; come ride the ferry dear ones.

Come, where they say, the goddess Styx has healing powers, bathe in her river Styx, become invulnerable; see how Achilles mother dipped him in the Styx, so no enemy could end his life, there was just the exception of his tiny heal; come lost souls take the ferry to Hades, eternity of joy or pain awaits.

Source: Wikipedia Styx

*To give credit: Angie Trafford doing TLT this week used a bit of Greek Mythology and the character of Hades in her TLT sentences. Check-out her blog in the link above. Thank you to Angie for the idea of using Greek Mythology and the afterlife; your idea allowed me to explore the concept in a different direction. 

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16 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: The Ferry to Hades #3LineTales #greekmythology #ferry”

    1. Thank you Sonya. You are clever and spot on. I was going for a bit of a poetic feel, it seems to make the underworld or Hades, not so bad. But a soul doesn’t know, for them it could be 🙂


  1. I really like this reverie. Reinvigorating Greek mythology is cool (which might mean I don’t know what’s cool–too bad, I think this is cool!). I appreciate re-learning all that these waters–and the ferry–are for. Passage and attribution for heroes and those who make heroes. And what happens finally to all. Mandi, Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Christopher. Someone else had done something using Hades and the ferry. I decided to expand upon it. I’m reading a fiction book. With the Greek Gods, particularly, Hades, so it felt like a neat route to visit.

      Liked by 1 person

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