Poem: Septolet – ” Before Despair Takes Root” #amwriting #poetry



They found, 

Him hanging, 

From the, 



Not realizing, 

Signs lingered,

Before death.


Despair, shame, 

Die with, 

Splintered hearts.

We —


Can’t perceive

What thoughts,

Tortured him.


He, strangers

Found hanging,

Knotted his,



His hands, 

Carryed out,

Tragic Ends.


We’re not, 

Able to,

Comprehend why,

A —


Was desperate,

Enough to,

Silence Life.


We sit,

His friends, 

Family asking:


Could’ve —

We prevented,

Him? So,

He’d be —


Yet living,

Among us, 

Received help,




He believed, 

His pain, 

Was misunderstood.


Demons writhing, 

In mind,

Smiling face,


Who appear,

Most humorous, 

Fracture worst.


Cloaked, in

Darkness each,

Jocular day,



A secret, 

Pandora’s box, 

Wouldn’t seal.

Demons overwhelm,

 Panadamonium, fire,

Further woe,

And —


Left behind,

Never comprehend, 

Such despair.

But if,

You see,

Someone struggling,

Please —


A safety, 

Net, let —

Them heal.


Telling them

“Get it–

Together now.”



Them unlimited,

time needed, 

Inner repairs.


Bind wounds, 

Let fractures, 

Mend strongly,



No person, 

Become that 

Man, swinging.


Let each, 

Hand you,

Have hold, 



Those in, 

Despair are, 

Lifted up.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

22 thoughts on “Poem: Septolet – ” Before Despair Takes Root” #amwriting #poetry”

    1. Thank you Mark. Yeah Septolet’s are an interesting style. Great for brevity, and getting a message across clearly. One stanza is fourteen words. Seven words on the top ending in a single word, and Seven words on the bottom starting with a single word. I always hope, people will be more helpful and understand with people dealing with mental illness and considering suicide. We don’t always know, but maybe being supportive and helping a person out, becoming more aware, will stop a person from killing themselves.

      I like the semi-colon tattoos many survivors get and those who support them. A semi-colon because it’s not a ‘period’ the story (the life) isn’t over yet. I think it’s a great campaign.

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      1. I like the style. Your message is very true. I have had my share of people with mental health issues. My first wife actually tried several times to do herself in, long after we were divorced she finally did. It’s a sad thing to deal with. Often you are helping someone who doesn’t want or acknowledge your efforts. It is hard on both parties. The semicolon is a great idea. I never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing this 🙄

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  1. The writing of demons is apt. Psychological or spiritual, demons take their toll. The briefness in the lines remind us that life has brevity–and here the brevity was made even shorter. Good, stark work, Mandi.

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    1. Thank you again. Yeah, the Septolet is a useful poem for brevity, but yet enough words to say what you need. I never know if intervention by someone, is enough to stop aped son desperate enough to want to commit suicide, but I hope. Mental illness can be a difficult thing, making life feel hopeless. When I wrote this I thought about, well maybe if we can learn to be aware of the signs of mental illness and help a person, not judge them, they won’t feel so desperate. They will see there’s more.

      I don’t know if you have seen stories about people who have lived through suicide attempts. Or decided against suicide in the end getting a semi-colon tattooed on them. Some people do it, even just to support those people. You see a semi-colon means that it’s not over yet it’s not a ‘period’ and not the end, there’s more to be told in the story, in a person’s life. There are some cute designs incorporating the semi-colon too.

      Thanks for commenting. Sorry for the length of the reply 🙂

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      1. Your reply is great. I did not know about the semicolon symbol, and I am thankful to learn about it. A movement like this can be so helpful, especially since I think isolation is a perilous aspect of suicidal thinking. I’ve known a few who have committed suicide and a few who tried. Which means, also, being with those directly affected, which sometimes has included me. You choose important realities to write on as well as more relaxed or playful subjects. All are valuable!


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