Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: The Dial on the Metal Desk #amwriting #fiction

Thank you to Priceless Joy for hosting FFftAW. Also, thank you to The Daily Prompt for the prompt words Rebuild and Understanding



“What do you think it does?” Wallace asked Ed.

“I don’t know,” Ed said thoughtfully, ” It’s odd, don’t you think? A dial in the middle of a metal desk? There has to be a purpose for it.”

“I’m sure it has a purpose. I’m not sure we should be the ones finding out what the purpose is. Rivers was a bit crazy. He was in intelligence in the army during WWII. My Grandma Milly always said he had claimed to have uncovered something world changing.” Wallace remarked.

“I didn’t know Canada had spies in WWII?  But what I really want to understand what this dial does. Rivers died last May, and this desk in his old garage is the only furniture left in his entire home.”

“Fine!” Wallace said exasperated with Ed. He turned the dial on the desk fully around until in was in line with a red mark.

“Rivers probably thought his property would stay deserted. It was closed up the by health and safety shortly before he passed on,” Ed muttered, waiting for something to happen.

“Click! Click! Click!” The sounds were loud and ominous in the abandoned garage. The young men turned to each other eyes wide.The garage floor began to lower with Wallace and Ed standing on it. 

Beneath the garage, was the most terrifying and fascinating thing, Wallace and Ed had ever seen.

“We can’t tell anyone about this,” Wallace said afterward shaken.

“Agreed,” said Ed, “We need to hide it better. This information could force the entire world to rebuild.  


©Mandibelle16.(2016) All Rights Reserved.

28 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: The Dial on the Metal Desk #amwriting #fiction”

    1. Lol. Well what do you think they found? I think our imaginations can come up with much worse or fantastic things then I could ever write, so that’s kind of the point. Thanks for your comments.


    1. Haha. Truly I don’t know. The point is more our imaginations can come up with more fantastic and possibly horrible things than I could write. Sorry to leave you hanging. Happy you enjoyed the piece my friend 💕


    1. Thank you Jacqueline. I will tell you the truth I really don’t know what could change life as we know it that much. But that’s kind of the point, in our imaginations we come up with things, have ideas, which can be much worse than the truth.


    1. Haha. Honestly, I don’t know. I wrote the piece not knowing. I would really have to think on something that huge and life changing. I’m nit sure I’m up for the task lol. Can’t let everyone down. But my original intention was to make your imagination flow. As we tell children “you do this or else . . .” And the punishment the imagine is horrific, worse than the one you intend, the same idea applies with this story. Our minds an come up with much worse scenarios than it probably is. Thanks for reading Jenn 🙂


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