Your Characters Are Not You

Great Advice for first time fiction writers. Helped me a lot, hope it helps you too.

A Writer's Path


by Amie Gibbons

If you ask any writer what the biggest mistake a new writer can make is, they’ll give you a ton of different answers.  There’s stuff about technicalities of writing newbies all seem to do (trust me, so did I), there are different plot mistakes, and there are things with characters.

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9 thoughts on “Your Characters Are Not You”

  1. huh this is so interesting. I had no idea writers did this. I have never had a character who was at all like me. Characters for me, were always like costumes I could put on to test drive personalities that differed from my own. I’, always wondering what makes people tick. When writing, I can get right under the hood and watch the machinations in action and that has always fascinated me. I have only one story where the main character has a little of me and that bleed over is accidental because its the only story I have ever written that takes place in the real world. I had to use my town because I know it well and verisimilitude is my goal. That led to the bleed over but we are still very different women.

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    1. For me, it’s my main character I have trouble making her unique. She isn’t me but shares some of my beliefs. I think I have to make Nina more flirty and outgoing. Like softness behind her being more glib. But I’m not sure lol. Her love interest is unique. The bad woman definitely unique. But with this one character I do struggle. Happy you are able to come up with such fantastic and neat characters. When I read your writing, I definitely know whose who and what they are like 🙂


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