Space and Grace

What does space and grace mean to you? Join the discussion!

18 thoughts on “Space and Grace”

  1. Thanks, Mandi, for bringing all this work here. Bikergurl’s photograph is stunning, and her text is even richer about perfectionist rehab. Annie’s aphorism is incisive. Melinda took part in the first conversation. And you had the foresight to post it all!

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    1. Yeah those ladies all had great insight last night. Happy to share it. I know Melinda is doing a couple other post on subject of space and grace 🙂 Thank you for reading and your thoughts on behalf of them all.

      Also, I did read your email. Thanks so much for answering quickly and take your time so the answers are exactly how you want them.

      I’m toying with the idea of doing two interviews a month, I’ve gotten great response from other people including yourself. But still take your time. When ever you have it ready is fine.

      Thanks again,


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