Three Line Tales: A View From Space #3Linetales #amwriting

Thank you to Sonya of Only 100 Words for hosting Three Line Tales.




1. The astronaut stared at the ethereal painting until time dissolved around her, visions and gradations of colour enthralling her in their vise; tears ran down her cheeks, floating with no gravity to push them down.

2. How fantastic and brilliant was the artist to create such a bright and vivid picture; to catch the flares of fire from the sun burning, and the bright blue tendrils, wispy and trailing around the earth appearing more like solar storms than the oceans and clouds of the planet.

3. What was even more captivating, was the artist Himself, a being infinite in wisdom, mercy, and grace; a designer with vision, who within his wisdom devised such an inspiring and beautiful creation as earth, which teamed with diverse and intelligent life; the view from space was so heart-stopping, it made the astronaut sob.


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30 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: A View From Space #3Linetales #amwriting”

      1. I’m pretty good actually. Two months of solid prompts everyday has ended, so I can work on other writing and enjoy being outside in the hot weather. We have patio furniture now, and are getting a nice little couch or swing for outside. I shall enjoy being out there replying to blogs, writing, and reading. I’m happy to see my Grandmas little sister this weekend. Aunt Sharon is only five years older than my Dad (Grandmas 2nd child). My Great-Grandma had a lot of kids so the age difference is a lot 22 years between Aunt Sharon and Grandma. Enjoy your weekend. I hope the weather is lovely their too 🙂


      2. Wow, that is a long span between children! Sounds like it will be very nice to visit her. I’m glad you all got patio furniture and you can do your blogging outside and enjoy the nice weather. That will be nice! Glad your writing challenges every day is over for now. I’m sure you can use the break.

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      3. Thank you PJ. I have never met this sister of Grandma’s so it should be interesting. And forsure not having to write about a prompt everyday helps things to ease up a great deal. I feel happier going at my own pace for the time being. Have a lovely weekend.


      4. Mandi, I haven’t been reading all your blog posts and I hope you will forgive me. I have had to cut down on my reading because I got so burned out not long ago. The poems were really affecting me emotionally (the sad ones) so I have slowed down on reading poetry.

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      5. Hi PJ. Of course I don’t expect you to read every post. I’ve come across the same difficulties myself, there are days I don’t read anyone’s post and simply have say to myself other times, I’ve read ‘one of their poems’ that’s enough. I also feel similar about the sad poems, sometimes I skip them, as well if it seems that is what many people seem to writing in a day. Do what you need. No apologies necessary.


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