Maydays: Poem – Shadorma – “Could Be You Some Day” #Maydays #amwriting


Thank you to the wonderful K.L. Caley of new2writing for hosting #Maydays prompts. This prompt I mentioned in today’s #Maydays prompt. It concerns all things geek.



Geek sheek is, 

There such a term we, 

Simply don’t —

Care to know, 

Because we don’t want to be a geek.

Memories; childhood.



Abused the, 

Geeks who in, 

Our schools, were —

Nerds shoved into lockers and, 

Forgotten about ’till —


Mr. X let, 

Nerdy guy out; he —

Never helps, 

Much, Mr. X —

Won’t stop bully from hurting, 

Kids; he pretends it’s play.


Movies don’t, 

Aid kids who become, 

Targets at —

School because, 

For some reason geeks stand out, 

Fate aids her bullies.


Why are some, 

Children left —

Alone? While some, 

Lose their lunch —

Money, to mean kid who made,  

Them bleed, inside out.


And parents, 

Who don’t see their child, 

Bullying —

Beware your, 

Child’s cruelty leads kids to die;

Commit suicide.


What makes a —

Geek? I’ve never been one, 

So it’s hard,

For me to, 

Generalize; perhaps, you can’t?

Bully choose prey anyways.


Call them geek, 

Not sheek; teenagers, 

And children, 

Abused by, 

Jealous, mean people; it’s fine —

To bully, they think. 


Now they pick, 

On geeks online on,

Their Facebook,  

Snapchat and, 

Chat rooms; abounding with hate. 

But change in adulthood.


World turns,

When that geek you hit.

Is your boss, 


You from promotions deserved.

Shouldn’t have punched him.


Now the geeks, 

Are truly sheek and, 

Are making, 

Millions and —

Millions more than your pay cheque.

But the difference here–


Maybe they —

After some payback,

Have pity, 

On you and —

Your friend, who work under them.

They know what it’s like.


So kids when, 

You’re attending school, 

Think ahead, 

You’re not young, 

Forever; the geek you hurt —

One day, could hurt you.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


7 thoughts on “Maydays: Poem – Shadorma – “Could Be You Some Day” #Maydays #amwriting”

  1. Nicely said. It’s airways been that students picked out the different ones for bullying. I went through some real special people because I was younest and smallest most of my school years. I never made much of it. Ignored most but there’s wasn’t social media either.

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    1. I was never bullied for being a geek, but I was husky as a child. It’s how the kids on my Dad’s side tend to be. I grew out of it by the time I was 11 or 12 but I remembering being teased for being fat for a few years. Thanks for reading Mark.

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      1. I was teased but in high school I got close to everyone ender in height and played backyard football with the high school football players. I was never last kid taken and called squid. You never seen me catch the football. Just two arms and I was at botton of the pile with the football. The tough guys weren’t so tough without pads. ☺

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  2. A morality play, Mandi. And a good one. Now that “geek is sheek.” As you note, on the way to growing up–well, for some ti stops. A local teen committed suicide a couple of days ago. She said cyber-bullying was the cause. All I can tell from the news is that she was smart and pretty. What went wrong? I think you get at an answer here. Along with adjuration. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Christopher. It’s a sad reality. Kids trying so hard to fit in and conform. We do so as adults too but I don’t think to the same degree. I think we more celebrate each other’s unique talents and viewpoints, especially when they help us finish our work or puzzle out a problem. But as long as there have been kids, there have been bullies. I don’t know what we teach kids so that they stop bullying. Thank you for reading. Much appreciate your thoughts.


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