Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: Anything She Desires #amwriting #flashfiction

Thank you to Nortina for hosting Moral Monday’s prompts. This week’s moral is: “Spare the rod; spoil the child.” 



“I wanna cookie” Ellie says. Liam loves Ellie more than he loves anyone but her deceased mother. He takes out two chocolate chip cookies. Ellie grins at her Daddy, grasping for the cookies and stuffing them in her mouth.  If Ellie doesn’t tantrum because she gets cookies, even three or four, it’s worth it.

Seventeen-years later, Ellie is grown-up, reminiscent of her Irish mother’s appearance. “I didn’t mean to crash the Jag Dad. You’ll buy me a new Jag right?” Liam has ruined Ellie. She doesn’t realize she could’ve died easily in the Jag crash. Ellie’s never had to care about the cost of living monetary or otherwise. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


9 thoughts on “Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: Anything She Desires #amwriting #flashfiction”

    1. Indeed I agree. I’m glad the children of my friends are mostly raised well. Still there is the odd child who is way too spoiled and you see it in how the kid controls the parent and not the other way around. My mom always warned me about that so I notice it. Thanks for you thoughts PJ my friend ❤️


  1. If you give a mouse a cookie . . .
    With the surge of entitled teenagers these days, this story speaks volumes! There are too many parents trying to be best friends. Gotta learn to tell the babies “No” early, otherwise when they get older, they’ll ‘wreck the Jag.’
    Great story Mandi!

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