Sunday Photo Fiction: The Secret Ingredient #amwriting #flashfiction

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A Mixed Bag


There were two labourers Jim and Mario, who were assigned to dig ditches for new highways, in the sweltering heat of the August sun. 

Near by, was a coffee shop which served a different kind of pie each day. The coffee shop was known for having the most delicious pie in the city because it contained a secret ingredient no one could identify.

One day, the two labourers went into the coffee shop at lunch. There was only one slice of pie left and it was the favourite kind of pie of both men: melt in your mouth peach pie.

When Jim tried to order the pie, Mario interrupted him with lies:” Can I please have the last piece of peach pie? It would brighten up my wretched day. My back is out and my wife lost her job.”

The coffee shop owner, Laura, was about to let Mario have the piece of pie when Jim interrupted with his own fake story: “Mario’s wife is a nurse and can easily find a new job. I have student loans to pay and a wife who recently lost our baby. I would feel more cheerful about my situation if you’d let me buy the pie.”

Laura didn’t know what to do until Jim and Mario started pushing each other. She had had enough of their lying, their pushing, and their shoving.

 ” Here’s what we are going to do,” Laura said to the men,” I will make peach pie on Monday and I will set aside a large piece of pie for each of you on the house.”

Neither Jim or Mario were entirely happy with the situation.”So what happens with today’s piece of pie?” Jim asked.

Laura smiled at both men and removed her apron. She grabbed a Perrier and the piece of pie and asked a girl to replace her on the cash register.

“Today, I get to eat the last piece. I bake it, I’m the manager, and peach is my favourite kind of pie.” Laura said with finality. 

Despite Jim and Mario both receiving a giant free piece of peach pie on Monday, they both swore there was something missing from the pie they ate.

Deciding to further teach both men a lesson, Laura left out the secret ingredient she used in all her pies — and no one but Laura knows what that secret ingredient is.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


32 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Secret Ingredient #amwriting #flashfiction”

      1. Hey I read a bunch of your pieces, fantastic. Can I make one suggestion? Add a ‘Follow’ button to your blog in a highly visible place. It might be in widgets where you design your blog. I don’t al together remember. I suggest this because it makes it easier for readers to follow you, also receive your blog to their email, not just the viewer.

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  1. I think it is kind of mean of her to eat the last piece of pie and then to keep out a secret ingredient when she makes a new pie. I would find somewhere else to have coffee and pie. LOL! Great story, Mandi!

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    1. Haha maybe. But she doesn’t like being in the middle of the, fighting over it like too little boys. In the end it’s only pie. I guess it was a bit mean of her to leave out the secret ingredient in the end though. They really don’t have problems though, they’re making them up and she doesn’t think that’s right. Thanks for reading.


    1. Haha. Thanks Christopher. Happy you enjoyed. I think Laura the manager at the coffee shop was just upset they were making problems up to make her give them the pie. Thanks for commenting 🙂


    1. Haha. I don’t think she is being selfish in this situation. Two workers both come up to her lying about how tough their lives are to get the last piece of pie. I’d say they learned a good lesson. I don’t think Laura gets to eat much pie herself as the coffee shop manager. It sells out fast. Thanks for your thoughts 🌺

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