Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: Persnickety #MoralMondays 

Thanks to Nortina for hosting The Moral Monday’s prompt. This weeks moral is: “Harsh Words Stir Up Anger.”



” Stop doing it that way.” Alice told her daughter Kim.

“What way?”

“Don’t fold laundry like that, it’s not how I taught you.” Alice said.

Kim was twenty-years-old. She did her own laundry and was confused.”It’s my laundry. I do it myself and I’m an adult. I wear my clothes so I will fold them how I like.”

Alice exploded: “This is my house and you will fold your laundry how I say to fold it.”

“Fine.” Kim retorted. “I told you I’d stay home for your sake until university is done but I can’t do it. You’re too particular.  I will be gone at the end of the month.”


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 

16 thoughts on “Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: Persnickety #MoralMondays ”

  1. Oh my Mandi but I so remember that one, folding the towels and god forbid you did the sheets any way other than the ‘prescribed’ way…..fitted sheets were a nightmare as I recall….great take on this one, I related so well…lol

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    1. Thanks Michael. My Mom use to be picker about things. Not as much anymore. I did finally learn how to fold fitted sheets via a video online. It makes them a lot smaller if space is an issue 🙂 Glad you liked this piece.

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      1. I solved the issue of fitted sheets, as they go on the bottom of the bed, I roll them into a ball and fit them into the cupboard, I know you experts would reel back on horror….

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  2. I had a chuckle at this. This is basically me at 20. Lol. On the weekend my mum told me that I should hang my jeans on the outside of the washing line, my line, my house and I’m 31. I just did it, I’ve learnt a lot since 20.

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    1. Yes, I’m nearly the same age. I learned how to fold fitted sheets of an online video a week ago. My Mom tried to show me before but I ignored her. But now I see how much nicer they fit into a limited closet space 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I guess too particular. If she likes things just so and is a perfectionist, she cannot always expect that from people who live with her, especially if they are staying with her because she doesn’t want to be alone.


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