Writing 101: Nonfiction – If We Were Having Coffee #everdayinspiration

Today’s Writing 101 prompt is the: “If we were having a cup of coffee. . .” structure prompt. I have seen many bloggers do this so I think it will be an interesting prompt to try.




If we were having a cup of coffee . . . I would tell you I’m struggling with the closing chapter or two in my novel. I’ve been stuck for a couple of weeks. What I need to do is sit down and write, no matter what comes out. But I stacked my plates with #Mayday prompts and Writing 101 prompts. I’m learning a lot but I need to finish the novel in full. I think I’m almost scared to because I know the next steps are full of editing and revision. As a first time novel writer, I know this will be taking up a large chunk of my spring and summer.

If we were having a cup of coffee . . . I would tell you I don’t drink coffee; I’ve never really drank coffee. Sometimes at church when I was a young teenager I drank coffee because the gym where coffee is held after the service was incredibly cold and I needed the coffee to keep warm. But I despised every drop which went down my throat and usually choked on it. I prefer tea. I drink a blend of green tea, sometimes fruit teas, and sometimes chia tea. I drink tea cold and hot. I’m considering buying this cold tea container from David’s Tea to make cold tea for summer in a bigger quantity because then, it will be in the fridge ready for me to drink.

If we were having a cup of coffee . . . My weight is frustrating me. I try to stick to a diet and reduced calories and I track everything on My Fitness Pal. I take vitamins to help and it’s such a problematic issue for me. All I want is energy and I will exercise. I love cardio and I have no problem getting sweaty in a fitness class or lifting weights. The allergies get me outside but I want control over my body. 

I don’t want to have a body I can’t make strong and fit. I hate being the weight I’m at and I’m terrified to gain more. Losing thirty-five to forty pounds is a lot of weight, but it is what I need to do to put my body back at a healthy weight. I just don’t know how. If I can see something is slowly working I’m okay but if I can’t I get frustrated and cheat because I figure, why not?

If we were having coffee . . . I’m going to a clothing exchange event a friend is putting on next Saturday. There are snacks and I’m bringing wine and nice clothes that don’t fit or I never wore. And we go and see if there is other clothing from other people which we might like and might fit us. The remaining clothes go to GoodWill. This is an inexpensive way and a fun way, to add clothing to your closet. I’m excited. My friend hosting the event has a side business, helping people make outfits and clothing combinations from the clothes in their closet. She helps them go through and keep certain items and donate others. 

If we were having coffee. . . I’d be saying good night and calling a cab. I’m tired tonight and I have to be up for a blood test tomorrow morning around 11:00 am or noon. Talk to you later. By the way did you notice the new blog theme? How do you like it? 


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23 thoughts on “Writing 101: Nonfiction – If We Were Having Coffee #everdayinspiration”

  1. I empathize with your finishing your novel and the intimidating task of editing and revision. I reached out to a few other, more experienced, writers on Twitter and they began telling me very encouraging words of *basically* “Just put one foot in front of the other”…I realized it was the *thought* of editing and revision, seeing my novel to the end, that was the mental block — not the actual act of doing it.

    I’ve put my own novel revision on hold to write with my students another novel that had been pushing through me, but I collected all my notes and manuscript and started by just typing it into the computer {which Natalie Goldberg actually pays someone else to do in the audiobook, Anniversary edition of “Writing Down the Bones”, fyi!} and editing as I go.

    As for the eating, I used to have the same thought you have about body image. I would encourage you to just make healthier choices and love yourself for who you are now, not who you want to be. When I met my husband, I had finally just decided that I didn’t want to be tied down to anyone and I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way. It was when I was confident in what I wanted and followed my passions, that Mr. Right-For-me came along. I tried to shake him off, but my inner light was shining so brilliantly he was like a moth to the flame 😉

    You got this girl – push through your uncertainty to your greatness! “Believe! – It’s not just a cat poster” – The Lego Movie 😉

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  2. I will take the cuppa of coffee as I am too sleepy now. -_-
    First dear, congratulations because I am sure you will finish your novel. Let’s claim it! As to your weight, I believe you have lose some already and I wish I have your discipline but I don’t. 😀
    The clothes exchange event sounds fun! 😀
    Thank you for the coffee! And I like the new theme! 😀

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    1. Thank you Rosema. You’re right I did lose inches, not weight yet, but inches count : ) I know how to finish the novel after some thought and yes I’m excited about the clothing exchange 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the coffee 💗🌸😘

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  3. I like the new blog theme! I love the idea of having a clothes exchange. Great idea. I’m sure your doctors have already checked this, but it sure sounds like your thyroid is off a bit and why you might be so tired and having trouble losing weight. I wish you success in your weight loss journey! It isn’t easy. Also, you will get through those last two chapters in your book – it will come to you when the time is right. I wish you success in finishing your novel too!

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    1. Thank so much for reading and commenting. The problem with many of my symptoms, is that they are symptoms of many diseases. We’ve checked thyroid again and again especially because my Baba (Grandma) had hers removed. But I’m doing okay on the weightloss being back on track. I wasn’t tracking my food and calorie intake, doing that now helps a lot. I’m down about a half an inch all over my body and my weight has stayed around the same for week one. But little victories always help:) Thank you for your wishes. Yes, I think I know what to do for the book now too. Have a great week PJ 🙂


  4. I’ll drink your coffee, especially if it’s as pretty as that in the photograph, and I’ll order you a green tea the way you like. I’ll encourage you to finish your novel for the selfish reason that I want to enjoy the conclusion. About your health and weight, I can relate. I’d listen to you talk about that, because I think the measures you are taking are the best I know. I’ll hear about the clothing exchange and share my enthusiasm. Sounds like a win-win event: old clothes go, new clothes are gotten, wine and snacks and socializing are shared, and clothes go to those in need. I’ll see you to your cab.

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    1. Lol. Thank you so much, I enjoyed are coffee and the green tea was perfect. Thank you for listening, I wish you success in your health and weight as well. The book will be done soon, I’ve figured it out 🙂 thanks for waiting with me for the cab.


  5. It we were having coffee, I’d say, “forget coffee Mandi, and bring out the tea!” I’d say thank you for sharing all your concerns with me. I’d say to take one day at a time. I understand the feeling of taking on too much with the writing prompts and not devoting enough time to your personal writing. But the important thing is to prioritize. We’re all writers here, and we all undestand if you can’t do every prompt every week becase you want to work on your novel. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the best reason there is 🙂

    Also, I’m sorry to hear your weight is frustrating you, and I wish you luck!! Eating healthy and getting fit is not easy, but don’t give up because it can happen!

    The clothing exchange sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to go to an event like that.

    P.S. I love that you’re joining the event! I only did it once so far but I may pop in, in the near future.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment Jade. Especially, for the support for writing which isn’t blog related. Sometimes it takes a few days to think through something and I think I have figured it out for the novel which I will work on the next couple of days. I don’t mind all the writing prompts they give me ideas and allow me to ‘play’ but I did over whelm myself this month. Yes, I’m excited for the clothing exchange and the weight will come just slowly 🙂 I’m just doing the coffee thing as a one time thing for writing 101. Right now it would be too much 🙂 Thanks my friend for all your words ❤️💗🎈

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      1. I understand. I went through that myself when I was taking on a lot of writing prompts too and as a result I kept putting aside my personal writing. I love the prompts as well for the reasons you mentioned: the inspiration and the “play” 🙂 Do the writing you wish to do, Mandi. We’ll support you either way ^_^.

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