MayDays: Nonfiction – A Visit From Cooper #Maydays


Thanks to K.L. Caley from new2writing for hosting #Maydays prompts. Today’s prompt is man’s bestfriend. We’re to write about dogs.


I found it quite funny, dogs were today’s #Maydays topic. I love dogs and if you have followed me for a while you know I had a dog named Nikki who passed away about two-years-ago. She was a Miniature American-Eskimo – Terrier Cross with a  great deal of personality. Nikki was a pack dog and loved her family but was not so friendly around strangers.

It’s funny with pets, you never realize what an impact and presence they are in your life until they pass away. Nikki became ill and in about three-months she was gone. She is my favourite dog ever and lived about twelve-years. She loved to run, I think running so far was hard on her body as well as some other problems, we never were able to find out.

But today was an excellent day to have this prompt because my brother J visited with his room mate’s dog Cooper. Cooper is one of those fluffy dogs with hair that needs trimming  often. Unlike Nikki, Cooper doesn’t lose his hair. And there’s something to be said for that.

Apparently, Cooper doesn’t give kisses but he gave me a few; he must have been feeling generous. It is hilarious when you hear how people sound when they talk to a dog. Their voice pitch goes high and they talk cutesy. Dogs such as Cooper, love it when your voice does this, they get excited because they hear high-pitched sounds as something good; I read that somewhere.

Down in the basement, Cooper visited my Mom and I came down and we played “go-go” or “zoomies” as Jodi from Life Inbetween calls them with her dog Charlie. We were trying to wear Cooper out and we did. Eventually, he went home with my brother. J sent me a photo of Cooper lying on the couch, not moving a muscle. He texted me: ” [Cooper] hasn’t moved since getting home.”

I don’t know who was more excited by Cooper’s visit, my family and I, or Cooper. But I think my Mom is coming around about not having another dog and would be in favour of getting a small dog such as Cooper. I’m crossing my fingers.

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21 thoughts on “MayDays: Nonfiction – A Visit From Cooper #Maydays”

  1. Dogs are fine in good weather,
    We’re glad to go out together…
    But now and rain
    Always are pains,
    A cat doesn’t need leash leather!

    ‘Though dogs deserve poetry,
    For being good company…
    Honor we must
    Canines we trust,
    With them we’re a symphony! — J.E. Caswell 😀

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    1. Beautiful poem Jonathan. Did you post that one? You should it’s excellent. You are right when they get wet it is always a problem. Nikki hated baths, we had to lock her in. Cooper is more good natured and probably wouldn’t mind. Thanks for commenting.


      1. OH…I think I just wrote another poem when I re-posted yours. Try the “search” feature…I HAVE written a large number of poems on four-footed people (!) in our apartment building…and hoe their owners and the rest of us have been affected by them or their passing!

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  2. Great post and I hope your Mom does decide to get a dog!! They are our Best Friends! 🙂 I have a great book to recommend that I just finished reading. Heartwarming book about the bond between a dog and its owner. Called “Who said I was up for Adoption.” You can get it off Amazon. Colin, a fellow blogger wrote it.

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