Story Continuation Prompt: Flash Fiction – Judged

Thanks to Wandering Soul for hosting this prompt challenge. This week’s challenge is up to a 500 word piece of writing with the beginning sentence: “The delicious aroma of the freshly baked croissants wafted through the near-empty café.”


The delicious aroma of the freshly baked croissants wafted through the near-empty Cafe. It was Sunday morning around 9:00 am and the majority of people weren’t up this early. Many church services did not begin until 10:00 or 10:30 am. Giselle thought about her home church while eating a buttery croissant and drinking a cappuccino.

She hadn’t been to church in a while. It wasn’t because she stopped believing in God or his son Jesus. It didn’t mean she didn’t have a few Christian friends or that she didn’t miss some of the people she grew up with in church.

Other issues were at work in Giselle’s life and a place which had always felt peaceful and inviting to her, became a place full of judgement. There was no forgiveness to be found in her old church and Giselle felt heavy hearted. People she had fondly thought of as Aunties and Uncles growing up, now gazed upon her with severe disapproval. 

Giselle believed it was God’s right alone to judge a person’s sins. Other Christians in her life could guide her and warn her of where her actions might lead, but she didn’t deserve hatred from them, to be the subject of gossip. Her best friend Ivy especially, had turned on Giselle.

Giselle had read a meme on the internet that read: “Thou Shall Not Judge Because Thou Has F$&#%d Up Too.” It was pertinent. When Giselle admitted to Ivy she had been attacked and raped by a stranger in an alley one night, Ivy had given her a stunned stare. 

“Are you sure?” Ivy had asked, then later told her parents and other church members Ivy ran into. Giselle had told Ivy she was pregnant with the rapist’s child. Rumours and gossip spread. Ivy, her family, and many other church members thought Giselle was having an abortion when she was admitted into hospital. 

The reality was Giselle’s pregnancy had failed; the tiny baby growing within Giselle had died. A doctor informed Giselle there had been complications. She could never have a child again. 

An elderly man at church had told Giselle, “You sew what you reap,” when he had heard the gossip Ivy had spread about Giselle having an abortion.

Giselle was suffering inside and some of her best friends were ‘outing her.’ The only people who knew and believed the truth were Giselle’s family and they were judged harshly for supporting Giselle.

She attended her home church for the last time that Sunday, enduring cat-like behaviour from the women and men who told her she should be ashamed. Shouldn’t they be helping her and ‘lifting her up?’ Did they no longer care about her? 

Giselle thought it ironic her church wondered why Christains were not attending church. Couldn’t they see, the world had become a kinder place than their church? That Jesus’ light was brighter out among strangers? People Giselle had known and trusted all her life had become like ‘a den of vipers.’

Looking up one last time at the cross and steeple of the church Giselle had called home, she left her church for good; Giselle had hope she would find a kinder church someday.


Note: There are great Christian churches with kind and understanding people attending them. They are good neighbours who through God, help people like Giselle heal. This story is fictional and hopefully, a worst case scenario.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


21 thoughts on “Story Continuation Prompt: Flash Fiction – Judged”

  1. I am a Christian, but I can tell you that sometimes you feel more loved by those out there than those within. Nonetheless, there are great people in the church, no doubt

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  2. Dear One, I am glad you added a paragraph to give heed to many loving people who make up the membership of many churches. I have only seen love demonstrated to any unwed girl I ever knew about in my churches. One time greeted a girl I had known who I hadn’t seen for a while. I was totally unprepared for her to show me her new baby. Truth is I could hardly believe that I had not even heard by the grapevine that she was pregnant. At another church, a very popular Christian girl got pregnant. Everybody I knew there went to her wedding and supported her with much love and good will. She and her husband are still together and that baby boy graduated high school this year. I have never witnessed the judgement with which many Christian people are judged. I believe there is evil (satan) who likes to discourage, abuse, and magnify and do whatever to depress the hurting and he often succeeds by isolating people from their church friends. I do have a blog about a girl I met in jail who felt rejected by her church. You would probably enjoy reading it. I’ll look it up. I enjoy my follow with you.

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    1. Thank you Oneta 🙂 Yes, I agree most Christians are supportive and the ones I know (for the most part) wonderful. But I have known judgemental Christians too. This was only fictional and Ivy her best friend was responsible for a great deal of what she suffered. Maybe more girls just being catty and mean (which I very much have experienced) at the heart of why Giselle leaves her home church. I did write it thinking she would go to find another church and start over. She is quite religious; just had a bad time of it, feeling betrayed. Thanks again. I appreciate your concern 🙂

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    1. Oneta: Thank you for sharing. I commented on the post. Amazing writing and I’m sorry this girl was lost. We never know though, how being a witness can help someone later in life. I’m happy you cared enough to help her. And this fictional story I wrote by no means represents many Christians, especially many of the ones I have grown up with who are amazingly, understanding, helpful, and good witnesses. But I think this judgement either truthful or imagined, often does scare people from the church. This was a worse case scenario and I think Giselle’s friend Ivy who was supposed to be her best friend, is responsible for a great deal of what the character went through, and why she left. Most people aren’t Ivy’s, at least I hope. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend Oneta. 💗🌷

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  3. Sadly, I think this could happen. I think it does. Which makes the end of the story hopeful as well as admirable: she hasn’t given up on church, much less her faith. She will look for a better church, a loving church. Given recent experiences, I’m looking for a church that will not hurt me so much. Kind of pathetic that this is the first criterion. Hence I find your story relevant. Maybe it used to be that the church’s greater enemies were the devil and the world. But in more comfortable times and places, I think the church has become its own worse enemy. Praying for metanoia. Solid work, Mandi!

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    1. Thank you again. I’m glad you could relate to this. I think this is a worse cases scenario and that a lot of Giselle leaving had to do by the betrayal of her best friend Ivy. But you are right judgement occurs in church and people end up leaving. Sorry you in a similar situation. I hope you find a good one soon 🙂


  4. That’s a great story! Sorry I came round to read it so late. There’s a great Hindi movie with a similar theme of unwed pregnancy (and social boycott) – Kya Kehna. Do try watching it if you can get a print with subtitles. Lovely story , once again. I feel sorry for ending the challenge, wouldn’t get to read these amazing stories any more. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I’m sad the challenge is ending too. But I guess if you don’t get people constantly keeping up with it, it doesn’t work. Thank you for reading and your comments as well as hosting the challenge while you did 🙂

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