Maydays: Poem – Wrapped Refrain – “Choosing Your Path” #Maydays

Thanks to K.L. Caley from the blog new2writing for hosting #Maydays prompts. Today’s prompt is a path. Also thanks to The Daily Post for the prompt words Pensive and Flourish



You can choose a single road to go,

Down the pathway you must choose growth.

To flourish in the sun baked streets,

Converse and learn with those you meet, 

Be not afraid of darkened, beat-up trails, explore.

Wherever you go, there is always more to see, a door —


Where one path leads you to go this —

Route; doors lead you down another with —

Promises, blue sky, summer’s kiss, 

Warmth envading your body in bliss, 

Light chases shadows away, and makes a wanderer, 

Of the ‘at home’ person, leading them down, farther.


An array of paths to choose from, 

Delight down every trail you’ve chosen.

Mystery and mirth meeting mind, 

Thinking which way to go; see signs,

Imploring you to take a chance, don’t be pensive, advance.

Down the rabbit hole, into wonderland; happy dance.


Wherever you choose, whatever path

Be thorough as you search, and laugh.

There’s no time for seriousness,

Now is a time for curiousness.

Down, the yellow brick road, past the enchanted forest.

Choose where you must traverse; the way life leads you best.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


15 thoughts on “Maydays: Poem – Wrapped Refrain – “Choosing Your Path” #Maydays”

  1. Choosing a path you love and want to go on against choosing the normal one, is always a fight in the inside. I went through one such fight too and found that it is one of the hardest thing to do. It’s even tougher to deal with your choices later on. But it’s amazing world and makign a choice to do something is always better then letting the chance go by in fear. ❤ this poem.

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  2. The blending of exploration, curiosity, and humor is appealing. This is a great way to go through life. I hope I emulate your poetic advice. I admire the way you use end-line rhyme here. Thanks, Mandi!

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    1. Thank you Christopher. Hopefully I have end line rhyme. The pattern for ‘Wrapped Refrain’ is aabbcc. And the meter is 8 syllables for aabb and 12 syllable lines for cc. What makes the wrapped refrain is the first at least 4 syllables from the first line of the first stanza, repeat in the the beginning of the last line of the last stanza. Hope that makes sense. You could try it, I’m sure you would do well. Thank you for reading and I’m happy you find so much in this poem. Enjoy your weekend, If I haven’t said so already.

      We have rain in Alberta finally, I’m hoping it helps with the wildfire situation. The fire isn’t near Ft. Mac anymore where they had to evacuate the city, but people are going home now and it will be sad what many of them find.


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