Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: One Confession too Many

Thanks to Nortina for hosting Moral Monday’s prompts. This week’s prompt is: “Listen before you speak.”



 Merrik’s husband was guilt-ridden over a car accident involving their son. Mike became distant and bitter because Tristan was left severly mentally handicapped after the accident. Merrik wanted to tell Mike both she and Tristan forgave him, but Mike cut her off before she could speak that night:

“I’m having an affair with Ana at my office, she doesn’t care what a horrible guy I am.” Mike confessed. “I was driving the SUV last year after Tristan’s soccer practice when the accident occurred. He went through the windshield because I didnt ensure his seat belt was buckled; I handicapped Tristan for life.” Mike admitted feeling cathartic after his confession.

“You’ve been sleeping with Ana?” Merrik shrieked.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


18 thoughts on “Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: One Confession too Many”

  1. I guess he started sleeping with Ana because she doesn’t make him feel guilty about the accident, but now he has a whole new burden of guilt to bear — cheating on his wife. I’m sure it’ll hurt even more when he finds out they’ve already forgiven him for the accident, but as for the infidelity, probably not so much.

    Another great story, Mandi!

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  2. I wondered why he would complicate life even more by having an affair, but I think he was so guilt ridden and received a very positive response from the woman in the office that he ended up latching on to that. I’m also wondering if his wife made him feel guilty at first, but got a grip on herself and realized it was an accident even though he did not check to see if their son’s seatbelt was on.
    Great story….makes me look for answers. 😐

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