Literary Lion: NHL Hockey – Boys and Statistics. 

Yeah! Happy to be doing Literary Lion from Laura of I Smith Words. Turns out Laura’s blog switched from to .com for a while so I wasn’t getting the prompts in my email. The challenge will be once a month now to fit with Laura’s schedule better. This month’s 100 word story prompt is boys.



Marissa watched the Oiler’s hockey game on her brother Grant’s 60 ” TV. 

McDavid stole the puck and the Oiler players all began cycling the puck to shoot on Anaheim’s goalie.

“Did McDavid score?” Brad asked, returning to the couch after grabbing a beer.

“No, McDavid set up Hall. Hall hit the cross bar.” Grant muttered soarly.

Grant and Brad knew NHL hockey down to the tiniest statistical detail for every team and each of the team’s players.

“Just shoot,” Marissa exclaimed as Hall was tripped, having an open lane to Anaheim’s net.

Brad and Grant smiled at Marissa before exchanging statistics on Edmonton’s power play.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

11 thoughts on “Literary Lion: NHL Hockey – Boys and Statistics. ”

  1. Your knowledge of gender attitudes is astute, as is your knowledgeable way with hockey.

    From the land of the fighting Penguins (the silliest logo I have ever seen–and I really like it), I thank you.for this fine work, Mandi Belle.

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    1. Lol. I have spent much time watching hockey and football. Arguably, my girl friends and I love sports as much as their guys do, we even get in on doing some of those sports picks for the playoffs or Match Madness with University basketball in the states, but when it comes down to it guys have this statistics thing down pat, even seven or eight year old boys in some cases. For girls basic details are great,but we don’t need to know about a team we play once a year. Yes and go Pittsburg 🙂


  2. Recently I watched “Moneyball”, the movie in which Brad Pitt played the GM of Oakland Athletics’ Baseball team, trying to mix data analytics (statistics) with some gut feels. It’s quite interesting. Great story, Mandi – I follow NHL too but never really bother with stats to be honest… I just enjoy the games. 🙂

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