Maydays: Ease Up On The Plush Toys #Maydays


Thanks to K.L. Caley from new2writing for hosting the #Mayday prompts. Today’s prompt is something to do with a teddy bear.

Teddy Bear


My Mom tells me I had a favourite stuffed toy I destroyed as a baby. But If I were to remember any stuffed toy I had it would be this white polar bear which held a smaller baby polar inside her arms. She was soft and fluffy and her claws were sharp plastic. I put her on my bed with my other stuffed animals and they all collected dust.

I mention this because people often think a significant gift or donation item to give children are stuffed toys. Unless the child is small, I don’t think this is the case. Kids don’t play much with stuffed animals. Some children have one teddy they like to sleep with but I think in many cases, that’s about it.

Kids who do adore stuffed animals, are often specific about the stuffed animal they want. Such as a child wanting ‘Toothless’ a dragon from How To Train Your Dragon 1, 2, or 3, because the movies are the child’s favourite movies to watch. Mostly, I think each child receives more stuffed animals than they need in a lifetime.

So instead of donating another stuffed animal to a cause, think of a toy your children or the children you know, enjoy playing with a great deal. Think of toys such as Lego, cars, Barbies, something technological, or something to do with a popular movie that isn’t a stuffed toy. Maybe a gift-card to get children’s books on their parent’s IPAD or actual paper books. Let’s ease up on the teddy bears and plush toys.

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18 thoughts on “Maydays: Ease Up On The Plush Toys #Maydays”

    1. Happy you agree. It was my thought when I read the prompt. I guess like any donation/gift you should put thought into it if it’s something specific like a toy and not cash 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. I love the idea of giving gift cards to book stores or a movie DVD. Unfortunately kids have so many toys that most don’t have meaning any longer than a stuffed animal. My youngest daughter (now 28) didn’t get into toys/video games…she adored and named every stuffed animal, lined them up on the couch, got them ready for “school” and took role. She still has many of them. Each kid is different, so I think you’re right, Mandi–don’t randomly give them stuffed animals if you don’t really know them. Books are my favorite!

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  2. I really like this post. Yes, I agree with you about easing up on giving stuffed toys as charity and such.
    My daughter has a bear that she’s had since she was about three months old, whose name is O’Teddy. She’s had a ton of bears since then, but O’Teddy is the one she has in her bed to cuddle as she goes to sleep, even now at age eleven.

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  3. If my grandchildren are any indication Mandi they have more toys than they know what to do with such that I don’t give them toys I give them coin sets on their birthdays and books usually at Christmas. Though from memory I only had one teddy as I recall and it was one that was passed down from my older brother and then in time passed down to my younger brother who dismembered it….

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    1. Yeah, another girl said the same thing that many children have too many toys. MyGrandpa used to give me books to read too. Like nice hard body copies of classic books and later best sellers I liked sy has the Jurassic Park series and other sci-fi books I enjoyed before he passed. I guess I was thinking in regards more to charity or donations. We have things at Christmas etc where you donate toys to kids. Thanks for reading Michael. And I do think the best teddy’s are the ones that end up in pieces, they’re the most valuable for some reason 🙂

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  4. I agree, there is only so much room for stuffed toys…my daughter just helped my granddaughter clear out a lot of her stuffed animals…now another child is enjoying them for a while. I think when adults give stuffed toys they love buying them because they are always so cute or unusual and they figure the child will really enjoy them, but it is usually for a very short time unless it turns out to be their favorite and they can’t part with it.

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    1. Yeah, I’d agree with that Jessie. Sometimes there is no telling what stuffed toy will be a favourite though. But I’m thinking now, my one brother who’s now almost 27, enjoyed ‘beanie babies’ around 10 yrs old. His favourite was stripes and he actually crocheted leashes and little vests for stripes and some of his other beanie babies lol. He’d be so embarrassed now. Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

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