Maydays: Blank Space #Maydays


Thanks to K.L. Caley of new2writing for the writing prompt spaces



” Cause I’ve got a blank space baby, and I’ll write your name . . .”  Taylor Swift played on the radio as Dianne sat at the bar scoping out the possibilities for a good date.

Baldy was cute but not her type. The handsome guy in the tailored suit was probably devoted to his work; he made her shudder. But the guy in jeans and a t-shirt with green eyes was attractive. He seemed more the type of man Dianne was seeking. 

‘Green eyes’ caught her eye across the room and she smiled invitingly. Fifteen minutes later, he made his move to approach her at the table, giving her a freshly poured glass of red wine to drink. It was a nice gesture. Dianne was pleased.

“Hey, how are you?You look beautiful, too beautiful to be sitting here alone. I’m Trent, nice to meet you.” 

Dianne shook Trent’s rough hand with her delicate manicured one. She left her hand lingering in his for a few moments, peeking at him while fluttering her eyelashes. 

“Nice to meet you Trent,” she said, “I’m Dianne, how’s the football game?” Trent grinned. 

“Oh it’s good. Montreal is winning. They’re my team, so I’m happy.”

“Oh, I’m a Saskatchewan fan myself. Grew up that way.” Dianne commented.

“Saskatchewan, huh? Seems like they have fans across Canada. But they stole Edmonton’s coach. I didn’t like that move. It wasn’t a classy thing to do.” 

“Oh, yeah. It was a bad situation…” Dianne didn’t know much about football but she talked with Trent for awhile, nonetheless. 

He appeared to be a nice guy and conversation flowed easily between them after they left the topic of football behind.

Yes, Trent was the kind of guy Dianne craved right now. Solid, stable, a skilled tradesmen. Not a corporate CFO forever working.

“So, can I have your number?” Trent asked Dianne an hour later.

 She smiled stunningly at him.”Actually, I was wondering if you would like to come over for dinner Thursday?” 

“Um, I’m actually busy that night. How about another day this week?”

 Dianne sighed giving Trent ‘Bambi eyes,’ “I’ve got space Thursday, otherwise . . .” 

“Maybe, I can make Thursday work. Let me see . . .” Trent said anxiously scrolling through his calendar on his cell. 

“Oh sorry, Thursday is Evette’s night,” he said shaking his head at Dianne regretfully.

Dianne was sure she was more beautiful than Trent’s Evette. She pouted, “It has to be Thursday.”


“Well,” Dianne said. “My husbands out of town.” If Trent could be honest about his girlfriend Evette. She could be honest about being married.

“What are you kidding me?” he said alarmed. “I don’t cheat.” 

“Who’s Evette then?” Dianne asked perplexed.

Trent shook his head, disappointed in Dianne.”Evette’s my niece and she’s four-years-old. It’s too bad you’re a cheater. I feel sorry for your husband. ” 

Dianne was shocked. Men never turned her down despite the fact she was married; she was gorgeous. 

But that didn’t make her husband Richard pay attention to her. Dianne knew he had an affair occurring with his personal assistant Joy.

She sighed in agitation. Thursday was a blank space, or perhaps; Dianne could find another guy to keep her from being lonely that night. 

Her eyes roamed the crowded bar and found her next target.


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Writing 101: A List Of People Who’ve Inspired Me. #everdayinspiration

Thank you to La Duchesse D’Erat for hosting this list prompt: People Who’ve Inspired You. I’m also using this as the prompt from Day 2 of Writing 101 a list of things you’ve learned.


1. My Mother – My best friend, the woman who can make anything better, a pragmatist, and sometimes annoyingly, a perfectionist. She has taught me so much it is impossible to say everything, I’m not sure where to start. 

tying my shoes not the annoying and difficult way every other child learnt, but by making two loops and knotting them, then double knotting the loops. 

– my Mom used to sew her own clothes. She didn’t have a lot of money growing up and it was cheaper to buy fabric. Plus, you could choose whatever material/colour/pattern you liked and sew clothing that was tailored to fit you. My Mom taught me about how to dress well, quality of fabric, how certain fabrics alter when worn/washed, and quality of fit. Fitted is always better no matter your size!

be independent! Don’t think someone is going to do something for you unless they’ve specifically said so, and even then be prepared that you might end up doing it yourself. Have your own friends and own life even with a guy your dating or married to.

-take care of those you love. Take care of the elderly, especially, your parents.


2. My Dad – Dad is 59 tomorrow. I can’t believe it! I’m sure he doesn’t feel that old, but it makes me feel old lol. My Dad taught me to live on a budget. I’m not always so good at doing as well as I should but I try. It’s vital to budget because if an emergency comes up or you suddenly need something, then you have the money saved to use.

to make commitments and stick to them. If you’ve said you’re going to do something at a certain time, then do it. Be on time.

– to have a gentle and loving attitude when someone’s has screwed up. Nobody is perfect, and sometimes we mess up badly. My Dad has always been forgiving when I have made large mistakes and helped me to correct them so I learn not to make the mistake again.

be physically active. My Dad is a skinny guy now but in his younger days, he was an overweight kid from Grandma’s farm cooking. He started running, walking, and biking. He knew if he didn’t exercise, he would stay overweight.


3. My Uncle B and Aunt J – they love me no matter what and they treat everyone they meet as a friend. My Uncle B used to run a place which served breakfast to homeless people a few times a week. He retired early and devoted much of his time to this. He isn’t afraid of homeless people, he treats them like he would anybody. 

– aunt J is hospitable, a gracious host. She likes to have company and she stays up with trends and fashion even though she is in her seventies. Both Aunt J and Uncle B are superb witnesses of Christ and have taught and raised me to aspire to their values.

home is a feeling and people. When I visit there house I immediately feel welcome, at rest, like it’s okay to be me, even though I can be quiet at times. Also, my Uncle B and I share a love of art and writing.


4. My Grandpa E

– I’ve spoken about my Grandpa before. He used to be a heavy smoker, so I learnt through his suffering, never become addicted to cigarettes. Don’t smoke! Honestly, not to be rude, but for those of us who don’t smoke, cigarette smoke is disgusting. It smells awful and makes us congested. In the end, it killed my Grandpa from the damage smoking had done to his body. He was seventy-three, and for this time, it’s young to die in your early seventies.

– use your mind. Keep building it and don’t let it go to mush. Learn, read, write, do cross word puzzles, play games such as chess, cribbage, etc. Always, keep practising and learning with your mind.

– ” Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding . . .” Proverbs 3:5


5.  They’re are many people who have been inspirational to me, too many people to list them all and explain what I learned from each of them. They are people in actual life such as friends and old teachers, but I also have inspiring people who are blogger/writer friends and mentors. They’re people looking back on my life, I strongly disliked going to school with or working with, who after a situation arose, taught me wise lessons. So thank you all.


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Three Line Tales: “When Life Gives You Lemons”

Thanks to Sonya of the blog 100 Words or Less for hosting 3Line Tales. I took the easy way out this week. There are tons of “If life gives you lemons . . .” quotes so here are some ones I found kind of funny. Enjoy! 


Erol Ahmed





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