Story Continuation Prompt: Nonfiction – Mother Going Out

Thank you to Wandering Soul for hosting the Story Continuation Prompt Challenge. This week’s theme is Mother.


Coat - Mother and Child


My Mother walked out of her room in heels. She was wearing her soft teal wool coat she only wore when she was dressed up to go out with my Dad. Behind her the scent of floral and baby powder drifted. I knew her perfume came from a glass pearlized owl which sat on her dresser.

The owl’s sculpted feather could be felt when I held him, but it was his glittering crystal eyes that fascinated me the most. They hinted at the mystery of being grown-up and of an elegance my Mother carried herself with.

Before she went out, my mother reached down to hug me and I was engulfed by her perfumey scent. Her soft long teal coat would brush my face. My Mom’s  teal coat was a piece of clothing she only wore on a date or special occasion. Her small curvy figure was hugged by this tailored jacket. It gave my Mom, a woman who dressed in leggings, t-shirt, and sweatpants at home, a classic and graceful quality.

My favourite aspect of this coat was the ruffle that went down the front edge of the coat flaring and fluttering out. The ruffle was pretty. Something splendid and beautiful to a little girl. The ruffle made this coat a fashion statement. It was a coat Barbie would have gracefully worn if Barbie was a petite 5’2″ woman. The belt of the coat synched my mother’s small waist in and the bottom of the coat floated around her.

I dreamed I would inherit the coat one day as a small girl. But my mom donated the coat to Goodwill in the early 2000’s. They style, however, came back ‘ in’ again soon after. Mom wouldn’t have fit the coat anymore at the time, but probably would now as she  lost weight a few years back. I know the coat would look as stunning on her now as it did back in the early 1990’s.

Mom’s teal coat was a piece of beauty. Together with the scent of flowers and baby powder, it cast my mother in this ethereal light where she appeared as if she were an angel. She would leave for the night and the babysitter would arrive, some student from my Dad’s High School where he taught, and I would feel utterly bereft without my Mom.

She was an angel dressed-up, somehow, not my usual Mother. She wasn’t the woman who yelled at me to pick up my toys, but a figure of elegance which illuminated the glow of a woman in her prime. A young woman who for one night left her children at home and was able to be a girl, to be free.

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16 thoughts on “Story Continuation Prompt: Nonfiction – Mother Going Out”

  1. Aw Mandi. Love how you told the story by describing the coat and how every aspect of its design reflects in the child’s perspective. I can feel the adoration the child has for the mother without it being spelt out

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    1. Thank you PJ. I wrote it years ago from a writing contest. I liked the idea still but it did need a lot of editing and refining. Makes me happy to see I’ve come far enough in my writing to see that 🙂 So happy you enjoyed this 🙂


  2. This is brilliantly written and expressed. I could visualise her a bit, standing there in that coat, or walking away, you a little kid watching her retreating back. The angle or rather the perspective is so unique. So beautifully written. Awesome, Mandi!

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  3. This is really a wonderful.story. It gives the reader a sense of how much the child admired and loved her mother. The descriptions given are so well defined, yet not overly done. Enjoyable read, Mandi. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jessie. It was an old short story I’d written a few years back. I had to do a lot of editing etc. but I liked the idea behind the story enough to revise it. Thank you for your kind comments.


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