Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: Last Call

Thanks to Nortina for hosting Moral Monday’s prompts. Today’s moral is: “Nothing good ever happens after 2:00 am.”



“There you are,” Jason the guy Emma had been flirting with said.

Jason brought Emma another couple of drinks and they talked and laughed. Emma was entranced by Jason’s magnetic grey-blue eyes and attractive face.

At last call, Jason began to kiss Emma and after that, the rest of the night turned into a blur.

Emma awoke naked in Jason’s bed the following afternoon. 

 “Hey Emma.” Jason said beside her, “Did you have a good time? I know I did.”

“I don’t remember,” Emma said feeling sick. 

Jason kissed her forehead. “Just a little something I put into your drink to help you relax.” 


©Mandibelle16.(2016) All Rights Reserved.

24 thoughts on “Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: Last Call”

    1. Thanks Michael. It has happened to girls I knew of, lucky when I went out and when I do, I always have my girlfriends with me and we watch each other’s drinks and backs! Yes, it is a bad place to wake up, awful.

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  1. Such a horrible thing to happen to her. She needed someone to watch her drink, or she should have held it in her hand until she drank it all. Unfortunately, she ended up in a situation she had no control of. This is the kind of thing a parent worries about when their child grows up and becomes independent. Great story, Mandi.

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    1. Thanks Jessie. You have to be careful and watch your drinks. Not to mention, if you’re there with someone you don’t know well it’s best to have friends and then you can look out for each other. I think a good rule of thumb with taking drinks bought for you buy a guy, is making sure you receive the drinks straight from a bartender or waitress. What is sad about this story is I think Emma liked this guy Jason and if he wanted to sleep with her, the character I imagined was into him so much she probably would have went willingly, not needing to be drugged.

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  2. Wow! I don’t know what’s worse — that he drugged and raped her, or that he flat out admitted it like it was nothing. Disgusting that people like this actually exist. Great writing though. Another lesson to be learned here — never take drinks from strangers.

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