Sunday Photo Fiction: Poem – Free Verse – “Not Forgotten”

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF. 


Alistair Forbes


What was it? I see, furniture in the woods left to decay.

Glass broken, shards glinting everywhere, in sunlight’s rays.

Solid wood bones, but could it be repaired? Made new and functional? 

Into what? You might ask,  and I’m not sure what rationally, 

I don’t know it’s purpose, I don’t know how to transform its ruin.

But I like to give old things new uses, to repair the broken form strewn.

Natures taking over swallowing back her glass sand and wood from trees.

Only a concrete slab shall remain, when nature takes what’s presently seen.

Feelings of sorrow haunt, capturing brokenness, into forest bearing.

 I have my reasons, not wanting to leave useful items in disrepair.

It’s more to do with people, how the broken are left behind, not cared for.

People forgetting, friends, family, the elderly, the disabled, more.

Thoughtfulness non-existent, but I seek to repair, leave no one forgotten.

Even the meekest soul, deserves conversation, to be noticed, never left to ‘storage.’

Every stage and page in life, forget no soul, don’t let them slip through your writing hands.

Let every person have a purpose, great or small; let them have their dreams expand.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


33 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Poem – Free Verse – “Not Forgotten””

      1. Thanks Mandi. I’m so pleased you are enjoying them. You have such a diverse range of writing, I enjoy reading what everyone comes up with each day. Amazing stuff. KL ❤

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    1. Thanks S. I didn’t know what that piece of furniture was but it felt lonely and forgotten and I thought some people are like that too, especially the elderly for instance. Thank you for your thoughts 🙂

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      1. ❤ You're welcome. I love that you take the time to visit all of us, AND write! I've been so behind in my reading of late. Life comes in the way. Family, child, dog, work, writing! Hard to do everything at the same time!
        Still, I'm grateful for wonderful bloggers like you!

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  1. This line: “Every stage and page in life, forget no soul, don’t let them slip through your writing hands.” and the last one almost made my tears fall. You are so right. Sometimes we left behind useless things even useless persons, but that shouldn’t be like that all the time. ❤

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    1. Aw, don’t cry. making a comparison to broken things and people. It’s sad how people in society in different groups especially seniors, the homeless, the disabled, and sick are not even acknowledged. Even giving them a little time and recognition means a lot. We never know, we will eventually age and have issues, so I think we should not forget, we know better and as writers we can raise awareness. Thank you Rosema your comment meant a lot. You’re very open.

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  2. Talk about re-purposing. Nature wants to claim some of the remnant for its own. The narrator would like to make the ruined thing into something useful. But really we’re talking about people. How too many are left out for a number of reasons. All bad reasons. Everyone has purpose, and that should be recognized. Thank you for telling us this so metaphorically and so strongly.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Christopher. I’m happy this poem has effected many people well. I guess, I want people to think about others, the lost and the lonely, the forgotten. No one should be in the position but to many are. Always appreciate your wise comments.


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