A List Portrait Of Myself.

Thank You to La Duchesse D’erat for hosting this weeks list prompt. The list prompt for this week is a portrait of who you are.

Eating – For the most part a lot of protein and green vegetables. I am supposed to increase my protein because I’m not getting enough and am not losing weight because  I’m eating too little protein.

I’m not sure about this advice, but it is what my coach says from the supplement system I am on. I’ll have to check at the end of the week. Hopefully, I haven’t gained weight.

For protein I like greek yogurt, pecans, almonds, avocado, chicken breasts and thighs, occasionally pork or beef, and eggs.

Drinking – “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.” – “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner”

Kidding though. There is much water I’m supposed to drink. I have about five or six glasses of eight ounce each day, more if I can. Every few days I like a glass of milk or a Pepsi.

Watching – Scandal! It’s my favourite show and so exciting. Olivia can’t go anywhere near Jake and ruin her father’s plans of getting him into the Oval Office, or he’ll slit Jake’s throat. Olivia broke Jake’s heart so he wouldn’t die. All the candidates are being gathered for election for the new President after Fitz. It will be interesting who makes it into the Republican and Democratic leadership position on the show. Funny enough, there is a Donald Trump like character on the show.

Also love – Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Season 5 of Downton Abbey, and The Catch.

Going – Who knows at this point. I would like to take a small vacation somewhere. I’m thinking Vancouver at this moment.

Reading – The Shadow by Sylvain Reynard. Excellent writer. If you haven’t read the writer’s first series beginning with Gabriel’s Inferno, it’s awesome and has three books to it. This is the second book in his vampire series, which is connected to his first series. Yes, they are romance type books but have a lot of theology and paranormal aspects as well.

Texting – I’m kind of in a constant state of texting.

Playing – “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. A classic which never grows old.

Working – 1. On blogging and my different prompt challenges. This Month I’m doing #Mayday prompts from C.L. Kaley of new2blogging, please join in doing her prompts each day in May. Link to her page after each prompt.

2. Finishing How Was Last Night For You the last few chapters in first draft. I need to write the happy ending then, the first draft is done.

3. Working on editing in a major way, the first chapter of How Was Last Night For You. Going to be making sure, every sentence should be there for each chapter.

Listening – Well besides to my IPAD music, the Edmonton Global News is on. Bad fires in Ft. McMurray, Alberta. The entire city has had to evacuate. It’s awful!

Thanking – God, I don’t live in Ft. McMurray and praying for the people who have to leave their homes, probably to come back to nothing but scorched debris. I don’t think insurance covers this fire damage unless they find out it was arson. ‘Acts of God,’ aren’t covered by insurance. Prayers for them please!

Buying  – I paid my cellphone bill.

Planning – I want to finish my novel off in first draft. Then I need to edit and do more research on publishing. Also, need to figure out the vacation thing.And I need to spend a few days reading books, instead of writing them.

Visiting – My Grandma I hope for Mother’s Day. Also, my Great-Godmother sometime soon.

Wondering – Why is this list so long?

Feeling – Tired and frustrated. I’m trying to write and people keep talking to me all day long. I love the late hours when people are asleep and I can write in peace 🙂

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17 thoughts on “A List Portrait Of Myself.”

  1. Ooh I’m working on my list, but I enjoyed reading yours and learning more about you, my friend 🙂 “Texting – I’m kind of in a constant state of texting.” ~> cracked me up because this is kind of me xD

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  2. A great way to learn more about you. I’m looking forward to your novel being whole, a single work. I’m saddened to hear about the fire and will be praying for its end and for the victims.

    I don’t know about protein intake, though drinking water sounds healthy. (I hope it is.) Milk and the occasional Pepsi sound fine, too. I’m happy you’re reading works that you enjoy. The last two books I read were (are) good, though I read them for a friend so we could talk about them: The Martian and The Johnstown Flood (I live not so far from Johnstown).

    I can understand your feeling tired, and interruptions certainly can be frustrating. I hope you treat reading and responding for me as fluidly as you like. I certainly have no expectation about timing. I’d rather you feel relaxed in what you do.

    Thanks for all the sharing, Mandi!

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    1. Thanks for commenting Christopher. Yes, having a whole first draft will be a big first step 🙂 I heard the movie ‘The Martian’ was really great so I imagine, the book would be as well. Yeah, Ft. MCMurray is a disaster area right now. It’s heartbreaking for all those people.

      Yes, I like my books. But I have to convince myself to read not write at the moment. Sometimes it goes the other way 🙂

      Oh no problem with commenting. I break when I need but thank you for being understanding. I appreciate that.

      Usually, I have an area of time in the afternoon where I can write in the living room in the sun, but my Mom was home sick today and watching TV. I don’t mind talking etc. But when I’m writing she starts asking questions. I’m not annoyed that she asks questions but that the questions are absurd ones there is no way I would know the answer too. Like what someone on TV was thinking when they wrote such and such scene, but I don’t know them,so I don’t know what they were thinking. I guess perhaps, she thinks outloud while I think in my head?

      My Mom is my bestfriend but those types of questions drive me up the wall 🙂

      Thanks again. Glad you liked this list!


    1. Hi KL. thanks for reading/commenting on the list. Yes, things will be busy. But I take it day by day and when things get done, they get done. Thanks for following. I love your Mayday prompts and your takes on your own prompts too 🙂

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    1. I don’t. I have relatives near there, so hopefully the fires don’t get worse. Today in Edmonton it has been raining and I’m hoping it’s raining in Northern Alberta too. I know a few guys who used to or do, work up their in the oil business. But luckily, there have been a lot of people let go because oil prices have been so low. Regularly I would say all those guys losing their jobs before is really bad, it is bad for our economy, but it was a saving grace, less people were in the area from the fire. Thanks for your concern Annie.

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