Moral Monday`s Flash Fiction: The White Rabbit is Late

Thank you to Nortina from Lovely Curses for hosting the Moral Monday`s challenge. This week`s moral is: ” Better Late Than Never.” Excuse the lateness of this 100 word offering.

White Rabbit Alice and Wonderland
The White Rabbit – Alice in Wonderland – (


Alice was waiting for the White Rabbit. In all her time in Wonderland, Alice couldn’t remember the White Rabbit having ever not been, exactly on time.

Alice began tapping the toes of her maryjane’s on the road. That intolerable sweeping dog was at it again, sweeping the path away.

“White Rabbit where are you?” Alice called. They were hours late for tea and the Mad Hatter would be crazy upset.

Exhausted, the White Rabbit arrived. Blood streaked his snowy fur.

Alice gasped, “What happened?”

“Hunters,” he said. “You humans and your hunters.”

©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


24 thoughts on “Moral Monday`s Flash Fiction: The White Rabbit is Late”

  1. Gah, what a neat twist to the Alice in Wonderland tale we all know. I really like the dose of reality you injected into this story having hunters chasing the rabbit. It’s so creative and well-written!

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    1. Thanks Jadem. As an adult, I have really grown to appreciate the story, as I kid I thought it was a bit scary (the Disney version). But I’m very much enjoying the modern version with Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway. The second part /book, ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ comes out in summer. In the movies.

      The books are both extremely interesting. 🙂 I knew I wanted to use the white rabbit and his lateness to show the moral, I just had to give him a good reason to be late. He’s okay though 🙂 thanks for your thoughts. Sorry for the long comment back.

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      1. Oh, you never have to apologize for long comments lol, I like hearing your thoughts and insight 🙂

        I think you did a really great job adding an unexpected but heartbreaking twist to it. And the moral is definitely there.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Apparently, I’m having computer issues. That comment posted before I was done haha! Anyway rabbits are fighters! I’ve seen a video of one taking down a snake before. They won’t go down without a fight, so power to the white rabbit!

      Liked by 1 person

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