Different levels of senses

Here are some more helpful descriptive words from Amir. I don’t know how I wrote without his charts before!

World of Horror


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14 thoughts on “Different levels of senses”

      1. True, but whoever makes the charts isn’t always right. I’ve unfortunately had to point it out to that poor blogger. I follow him, too. He is very smart, but I have to call him out on things at times because I get confused.

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      2. Some things are a matter of opinion Xara. And mean different things for different characters. It’s good you stand up for yourself, but I’m not sure this blogger makes these charts either.


      3. I don’t think he does, either. I just want him to relay the messages to the person who did. I’m sorry, but jade cannot be BLACK and GREEN at the same time, at least not logically (in regard to his color wheel post). Also, how do you make a distinction between pink rose and red rose (question in regard to the same post)?

        I just think critically about these things, you know what I mean? I minored in English in college for a good four years of my life, so I can’t help but ask these trivial questions. I wish I could find the blogger who makes the charts and just discuss these things for hours (while poor Mandibelle facepalms in the middle of it, sorry Mandibelle).


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      4. Hmmmm. But To make jade you would first mix green from yellow and blue. The more blue you add the more blue-green your colour but add a bit of yellow back you get jade/tealish colour. if you add black to that colour, you are going to get the shade of jade. Likewise, if you added white, you would end up with a tint of greenish-blue. So it’s hard to be specific with colour believe me. If he gets them from a textbook I’m not sure he can do much.

        I was an English Major and have many creative writing courses so I understand your attention to detail. It’s good you ask questions but when you critique make sure you do it kindly. That is my advice. Good luck my friend 🙂

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      5. Of course. I was kind but very blunt. I have that problem when I am passionate sometimes. Sorry, Mandibelle. I am glad that you let me know that I was coming off brash. I sometimes don’t know, so I appreciate you letting me know. I kind of thought I was being too blunt, but I was too concerned with making my point.

        Also, thank you for clearing up the distinction of why jade can both be black and green. I assumed it was a gray green.

        Oh wow. I get along great with English majors. I took a lot of classes with them. They were a lot like you, intelligent, better writers than me (in my opinion), and VERY analytical. They also noticed how brash I was when I made a point. Even professors had to “calm me down” at times. They admired my passion for the English language, but they were also intimidated.

        I should put “Trigger Warning” if I cannot phrase what I mean in a more polite way because like I said, I feel like I am leaving things out when I take out the passion and the confusion I feel.

        Trigger Warning: I sometimes have extreme problems with tact. Everyone in my life (besides my fiancé) has pointed that out to me.


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      6. No worries, it’s okay 🙂 I have had courses on colour theory and many art ones so I learned how colours mix. Analytical isn’t bad; it means logical and logical is straightforward. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing. The key is to write everyday as much as you can. I’m still learning, working through stuff in my writing it’s a continual journey and I think you are doing well 🙂 And I will remember about your trigger and not to take offence 🌺


      7. ::grins:: So, did you minor in art? If so, I would be delighted to hear about color theory. I went to college more of a way to get my foot in the door to learn about people (psychology major here) and of course to have a chance to make more money. And yes, I have a lot of writing in my blog and even on fictionpress.com (Xara Nahara O’Connor). And yes, ma’am. I write damn near every single day.

        I am glad you are willing to get thicker skin. I am very offensive, I do warn you. But I promise you that I have the kindest heart in the world most of the time. I work in home health care, so I am very sacrificial. I’m just not politically correct most of the time. 🙂

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      8. No, I didn’t go the art route except for a few art history courses. I had the talent and a portfolio to go into art but I figured writing would be more useful in life. My neighbour was an engineer and told me how frustrated he was his new engineers couldn’t write worth anything. Plus, my highest Diploma marks (like SCT marks in the US) were in history and English. So, I went in planning to major in history but fell in love with English and Literature and writing. Got my BA with a history minor and almost a philosophy minor, but I kind of had enough of It at that point. I’m working on my first novel. I will have to try your site for submitting my work as well as reading more of your writing:) I have been trying to submit to literary magazines and different sites. I have been blogging 4 yrs and am trying to get a MFA in Creative Writing online through UBC. I’m on disability for depression and severe fatigue. I don’t know how to explain it exactly, but it’s a mental and physical fatigue. When my energy is gone it’s gone. But I write and take classes. Happy to meet you. Please be honest but try to do it in a nice way. I understand how working in home healthcare could be difficult. Thanks 🙂

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  1. Ah, I am familiar with your condition. My clientele throughout my life has undergone similar battles with depression. Hell, I have a minor case of it, but I keep going. Anyhow, I applaud your goals, Mandibelle. I believe you can do it. Have you tried publishing through Amazon or doing business with them?

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    1. Not yet, I’m still debating if I want to go the self-publishing route. I’m gathering articles and materials on publishing, working on last chapter of the first draft, and then I have to go through the whole book and name sure it follows, makes sense, that the characters are who they are. I had a blogger/twitter friend helping but I think he is busy with work. But he went through the first chapter, it helped me a great deal. Then I am going to get my book substantively edited, though it is expensive, it is necessary I think for a first novel, as I want to write a second novel off the first. Lots of goals but only so much time to write. I’m off to bed. Take care 🙂


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