Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: No One Dresses Up Anymore.

“I feel overdressed, ” Shannon told Aubrey. Both girls were dressed in silky cocktail gowns and wore sparkly stiletto sandals. Shannon had even worn her Mother’s diamond earring and Aubrey’s her Grandma’s emerald cuff.

Aubrey gazed around the restaurant. Most people were dressed in jeans and the odd person wore professional attire.

“My Grandma told me this was a fancy restaurant,” Aubrey sputtered. “She dresses in her finest when she comes here. She showed me the mink coat she wears over a long gown.” 

“Well, whatever . . .” Shannon said. She flounced up to the hot maitre’d and told him they had reservations for two. The maitre’d devoured both girls with his eyes and grinned.

“What’s the special occasion ladies?” 

“Oh, we’re here for supper and then out to the Opera, Carman.” Aubrey told the maitre’d who kept staring at her.

“No one dresses up anymore here, or at the Opera. It’s refreshing to see you two in cocktail dresses. Jeans are worn for most any occasion these days.” The maitre’d said flirting with Aubrey.

Shannon laughed. “Do you ever get an elderly woman here wearing a mink coat? She’s probably more overdressed than us?” 

The maitre’d chuckled. “Mrs. Reston, she comes here every Sunday covered in her diamonds and furs.” 

Aubrey grinned. “Yep. That’s my Grandma.”




Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting FFftAW. She’s a wonderful lady and we are always happy to have you join us! 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


46 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: No One Dresses Up Anymore.”

  1. I love this. I dress up too. Jeans is only worn on my feeling crappy days. I feel a lot better when I play dress up…even when I stand out like a sore thumb.

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    1. I have to agree with you. I like to look put together, like thought went into my appearance in public for sure. I don’t like how on Saturdays or Sunday’s so many people walk around in ill fitting old sweat pants and and pj pants. Even casual clothes should fit well!

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    1. I agree with you PJ. It’s nice to dress up. It makes you feel good woman or man. Sometimes with some of my best girl friends we just do it because it’s fun. My great grandma always used to dress up to go to a concert or the opera. I love seeing pictures of when she did 🙂


      1. How sweet! One of my grandmother’s started wearing pants when women first began wearing them. She got her papa’s permission of course! LOL! He told her it would be okay as long as she continued to act like a lady. My other grandmother was just an ol’ country gal and probably never dressed up “fancy” a day in her life. LOL!

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      2. That is very cool about the pants. I’m glad the Dad let her wore them. I wonder how comfortable they were, if they were made to fit a woman’s body at first? I know Levi’s made the first jeans for women and that was something they did, made them to fit curves. There is still something to be said about acting like a lady. Although, I’m sure the definition has changed. Good luck with your finger!


  2. I love it! I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl but it’s fun to dress up sometimes. I am always disappointed when I go to a formal event, like the ballet or the opera, and see people in jeans and shorts. Good for them for having some style.

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    1. Thanks Jenn. I agree, I like dressing up to when you go out to places that were and should still be dress up. Maybe we don’t need fancy clothes but at least dressier then jeans. I imagine it depends where you live too. 🙂

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  3. I love your story! It is such a shame that people do not dress up for special occasions very often. When you go somewhere now you never know how people will be dressed. I think it feels special to dress up and it makes the event special. If my great grandparents could see how some people dress these days, they would be in shock! I’m glad that women get to wear slacks now, but it’s been carried to the extreme.

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    1. Yeah, that’s my thought too. I suppose, I’m of the belief people should look put together. Even if that means nice jeans and nice top and sweater, or jacket over your blouse.

      I worked a place where Friday jeans meant you ugliest worst jeans you would wear gardening. I don’t like how people go around in old baggy sweat pants that don’t fit and ripped pj pants in a mall or grocery store.

      My Mom taught me to look nice. I guess in one’s home it is your choice, but out in public if you can afford to look nice, and I think you can even on a small budget or thrift store clothes, it is a good thing to do.

      It affects not only how others see you, but how you see you and for the better. My opinion, but I’m glad you share it if in part even. Thanks for your thoughts Jessie. I’m happy you enjoyed this story.

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    1. Yeah, a lot people do. She is based off a real lady, my Great Godmother who is almost 97. She often told me stories over dressing up and going out. She loves nice clothes and before she had to move out of her house, had many lovely shoes!

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