Story Continuation Prompt: Fiction – “Renewing My License”

Thank you to Wandering Soul who host this challenge each week. You can complete the prompt sentences and add two sentences of your own or use the sentence to write your own story based on the sentence. This week’s prompt sentence is: ” The harried woman looked at me, aggravatedly. I couldn’t care less.”


The harried woman looked at me, aggravatedly. I couldn’t care less. I only needed to pay for my new driver’s license and have a new picture of myself taken. 

The woman named Jill pretended not to see me. I knew from the length of the line-up she had been busy all day. I felt bad for Jill  but at the same time, I had been standing in line one hour and there were four other ladies working at counters serving people politely and in a timely manner.

Why was the line I was in moving so slowly? The other women at their booths were cheery, as if they were attempting to do the best job they could, despite the constant flow of people.

But Jill sat in front of me and wouldn’t even look at me when I cleared my throat. She took her time drinking a soft drink until it was half-empty and pulled out a bag of ketchup chips from her desk drawer. Jill ate the chips slowly, licking her fingertips afterwards. 

She didn’t bother to wipe off her hands or use hand sanitizer. Jill peered up at me finally giving me be a grumpy stare and said: “What would you like Ma’am?” My eyes went wide as she emphasized the title ‘Ma’am.’ She was using the title on purpose, to be insulting.

I smiled at her trying to be genuine.”My those chips looked tasty. It must be difficult to take a break when there are long line-ups. I like your nail polish, what colour is that, Jade?” 

Jill looked at me distrustingly. “How can I help you?” She asked snidely. I sighed.

“Listen Jill,  I have been waiting for help from you for an hour and a half and all I need to do is renew my driver’s license and take a new picture for the license.” I handed her my old driver’s license and I paid for a new license. Jill was fast with her computer skills to my surprise.

“Picture is fine, it doesn’t need retaking,” Jill said, trying to speed up the process of moving me through the line.

“I would like a new picture. I’ve lost twenty-pounds since my old picture.” I told Jill and she giggled. 

“Still a ways to go?” I was taken a back. Especially after I regarded Jill’s plump form which was fuelled by junk food, as far I was concerned. 

“Actually my weight is great, right on par for my height. Thank you for asking, let’s get that picture taken, shall we?”

 Jill rolled her eyes and directed me where to sit and quickly snapped a picture. I glanced at the photo on her computer screen, “No, that’s a bad photo. Please take one more. Take pictures until you get one where I look decent.” Jill only took one more picture.

“We’re going to use this one,” she said trying to sound authoritive. It was better then the first one at least. I glanced at Jill again. What in the world was going on in her life that she was acting so miserable and rude? 

I heard her take the next customer as I walked away. She drank the remainder of her soft drink before helping an elderly man. She told him to hurry up and that she didn’t have time to explain everything too him. I was going to go back and defend the man, but he seemed to be doing fine, pounding his fist on Jill’s desk and asking to see Jill’s manager.

What turns a person into a woman who behaves such as Jill? I wondered.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

19 thoughts on “Story Continuation Prompt: Fiction – “Renewing My License””

    1. Thanks Mihrank. I’m happy it left a you with a positive view. I was hoping we can be more understanding to people who make our lives difficult and also that those who make other’s lives difficult might recognize themselves and try to act kinder.

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  1. Okay, even though I usually give people the benefit of the doubt, when I encounter people like Jill I am worse than that elderly man who was in line after you. 😀

    Loved the story. It makes you think what must Jill’s life be like. Or why she behaves like this. Maybe she is one her notice period. 😀 That’s why she doesn’t care , anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked. She could be on notice you never know. I think they’re are probably issues in her life but she does need to work on her customer service skills to keep her job and because sometimes when you go to work you have to leave your issues at home. Thanks for the wonderful sentence again 🙂

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  2. What an imagination you have. Is this based on a true story?
    Jill may have been going through something bad or unpleasant… we don’t know where other people have come from. Thanks for the reminder to always show empathy and compassion. 🙂

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    1. Well not specifically on a true story. But on different customer service people I’m come across who often see, to have this bad attitude and. It has two sides. We need to remember her job is stressful and things could be going on her life;however, she needs to work on being nicer to the customers, improving her attitude. Thank you for reading and commenting Annie.

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  3. I admire the narrator’s relentlessly constructive attitude. I also appreciate that questioning the situation of someone like Jill is certainly worth the doing.

    Far less importantly, I also like ketchup chips (not as easy to find around here as I’d like).

    Engaging writing, Mandi. You create a voice that invites anyone (everyone) to think about the strangers we encounter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Christopher glad you enjoyed this . I suppose I often think what’s wrong with someone when they are grumpy and miserable to others? Sometimes if you know them you can say oh they’re only having a bad day. Other times, if you’ve say gone to buy groceries and had the same girl on cash whose grumpy all the time, it does make you think. I think Lays potato chips has them, they might only be Canadian I’m not sure. Also, Old Dutch might?


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