Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: The Travelling Library

Thanks to Roger Shipp for hosting FFftPP. Today’s sentence to be included is: “Those are the directions…” 





“These rocks are cool,” Tanya said climbing on-top of a stack of rocks. “I wonder how and why they are formed like this?” 

Tanya’s friend Crystal chimed in, ” Yeah, I wonder too. But we’re in the middle of nowhere and have no phone reception so we can’t even Google the answer. I’m questioning why my friend Tyler told me we should take particular directions to see these specific rocks.” 

Suddenly, before Tanya and Crystal’s eyes a building appeared. It was all glass but the inside was filled with millions of books and scrolls. 

Crystal tried to pronounce the word on the front of the building. “It’s a library,” Tanya said. “It’s where people used to research before Google and the Internet. I’ve never seen a library. I remember my Grandma telling me she went to the library as a girl.” Tanya said in awe.

Tanya and Crystal opened huge wooden doors. There was a sign up that read: ‘Quiet Please’ and everywhere people were studying books made of paper. Some people were even reading scrolls and ancient books with velum pages. “Do you think we can find information about those rocks here?” Crystal wondered.

Tanya smiled. “I can see why my Grandma thought a library was paradise,” she said before asking a man at the front desk where they could research rock formations.


©Mandibelle16 (2016). All Rights Reserved.


27 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: The Travelling Library”

    1. Yeah. I’ve read so many library books. I used to come home with 10 novels and be done in 3 weeks. I hope they never go away. This is a special library. It can show up anywhere and has the information from libraries across time 🙂 thanks for your comment 🙂

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  1. Oh this was great! …”I can see why my Grandma thought a library was paradise”… I’m so glad they too felt this way as soon as they experienced it! .. I’ve seen video rental shops go out of business but I hope I never see this happen to libraries! ☺ Great story!


  2. Brilliantly done! Libraries really are paradise. ❤ But these lines gave a hint of sadness, "I’ve never seen a library. I remember my Grandma telling me she went to the library as a girl." I hope that time will never come in real life. *sigh*

    Lovely story, Mandi!

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  3. Reblogged this on Dancing with Mosquitoes and commented:
    As I was rummaging through my old trunk filled with books, I was thrilled to see some classics lying there, unattended since quite a long time.I have to relocate so I have been going through all those closed boxes,trunks and bookshelf, where dust and insects have seemingly constructed an ecosystem of their own.

    Few of the books I noticed had got weak and fragile.I feared their pages might start falling off if mishandled even a bit.I decided to get them hard bound at the book binding shop.

    In the evening,as I carried the satchel of old books with me, happy that they will look robust after the binding was done,I was interrupted by a friend who asked me where was I headed to.
    “To the book binding shop, ” I said with delight.
    “But there is no binding shop, aren’t you aware?”
    “What ! There was one besides that electronics repairing store, a young man used to run the shop, I remember”
    “It’s been years he closed down, must not be getting any business probably”
    “Really” I was surprised “No book binding shop nearby?”
    “None I know, nobody need it anymore I guess”
    This episode unfolded yesterday evening and I had been thinking about it since morning. True, I myself now read most of the books on Kindle and search more fervently on Google rather than my thick encyclopedias. Perhaps we are living in the phase of transition.Our very next generation may view paper books with curiosity; and wonder how could we be comfortable with that, much like us, who would gape at the big floppy disks, 1.44 MB memory size, our fathers used to work with!
    Mandi wrote this beautiful story as a part of the challenge “Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner, ” which she is avidly pursuing! The story hit the chord with me as she narrates this curious tale of future generation teens who accidentally find a library and starts speculating as to what sort of thing it is! I couldn’t help but smile thinking this is exactly what had been going up in my mind.I invite you to read this nice story by her, titled “The Travelling Library”.I really liked it and I am sure you too will appreciate the essence of the changing times, this story captures.

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  4. I don’t even want to think of a time without libraries or physical books. As much as I love the internet and technology, it will never compare to the feel of a physical book in my hands.

    A quick critique if that’s okay, Mandi: it seems your story has little grammar errors. This line for example: “Tanya sad climbing on top a stack of rocks”, sad should be said I think and “on top OF a stack…”. They’re little errors that don’t take much away from the story and a quick read-through to edit should take care of them for the future ^_^!

    Story-wise, it’s humorous and relatable. You did a great job 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jade. I’m glad for the help. I was quite exhausted when I wrote this yesterday, having been out most of the day ( I have severe fatigue from depression) and sometimes when I’m tired out I miss these details. Happy for your help my friend 🙂

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      1. Not at all! It’s our duty as fellow blogging friends to critique as well as support, no? I’m only happy to help 🙂 I’m even more impressed by this story knowing that you wrote it while exhausted!

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  5. It is amazing -and at the same time sad- that you can get any information you need now at your fingertips. You are expected to Google it before you ask a person. This is a great take on the prompt and a thought-provoking piece, Mandi. Where I live here in Singapore, each neighbourhood has their own library which is complete, modern and very well-maintained, and the National Library is amazing with extensive collection of references and books. I can’t imagine a world without a library, really. Love this story.

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  6. This is an admirably well-crafted story. I chucked when I finished. (Or whatever that small laughing to yourself is called.) What wonderfully turned the narrative for me was finding that the library was in use. It was nothing like the static monument I thought it might be.

    You have stirred good feelings toward the use of libraries. And a little concern over youths’ ignorance of where libraries are and how they are employed.

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