Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: Grocery Store Stranger

Thanks to Nortina from Lovely Curses for hosting this writing challenge. Today’s moral prompt is: “Never talk to Strangers.”



(True Story)

When I was three-years old, I remember grocery shopping at Superstore with my Mom. I loved it at Superstore because it had widely spaced aisles I could run in.

I went down one aisle behind my Mom and an old woman who reminded me of my Grandma, asked me my name and we started talking.

Suddenly, the lady grabbed my hand and started pulling me away with her. 

I thought she was going to kidnap me but my Mom was watching and wrested my hand out of the lady’s hand and said, “No, she’s my daughter.” The woman took off.


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18 thoughts on “Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: Grocery Store Stranger”

    1. Yeah, I know. I just barely remember it but my Mom told me it was true. I don’t think I thought anything of it until the lady grabbed my hand hard and started pulling. Scared my Mom and me when I discovered she was trying to take me away from my Mother. Thanks again for your comments.

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    1. Thanks Rosema, yes My Mom was always so careful like that. Just being a good Mom and because my Baba (her Mom) was careful with her and my Aunt and Uncle like that too! Glad you liked this 🙂


  1. That’s a terrible experience for anyone to go through, especially a child. I can just imagine the frightful feeling your mother must have felt that day and probably was even more cautious with you after that. You were probably even more in tune with her caution of always staying in her sight after that too. I can only imagine the horror of having your child taken away from you, especially in that manner. Thanks for sharing this, Mandi.

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    1. Children can be trusting and don’t really realize they’re in danger until it’s too late. Until the lady started tugging my hand and arm I never sensed danger and not even really then until my Mom grabbed her hand off of me. Then when I saw my Mom, it was frightening. Thank you for reading and your comments Jessie.

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