Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: Off Her Feet

Thank you to Nortina from the blog Lovely Curses for hosting this prompt. This Monday’s moral is: “Blood is thicker then water.”



“Come on Arryn. This is our annual vacation since we’ve been eighteen-years-old. You have to come to Phoenix.” Harley begged.

Arryn loved golfing, drinking beer, and the various sport’s games he and Harley usually attended on their trips. But Lisa was eight-months pregnant and Arryn wasn’t comfortable leaving her alone all day. The Doctor said Lisa should stay off her feet and Lisa seemed to ignore this particular instruction.

“Harley,” Arryn said, “I think this isn’t the best time for a holiday.” Harley scoffed. “I knew you would back-out. Lisa isn’t dying, she’s pregnant.”


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


19 thoughts on “Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: Off Her Feet”

  1. Harley’s such a dick. That’s probably why he’s not married. Arryn’s my kinda guy. And while I don’t have any kids, I bet if you ask any mother, they’ll tell you, being pregnant feels like dying! 😀 Another great story, Mandi.

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    1. Thanks Nortina. I have a bit of experience hearing ‘details’ of pregnancy from friends. I’ve heard the last month is very uncomfortable and pretty much most women feel, they would just like to get it over with already! Thanks for your thoughts. I don’t think Harley is so bad, I think he doesn’t have a wife/longtime girlfriend and doesn’t understand how that changes a friendship. Suddenly, they’re your family and your bros shift to bros at certain times only : D

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      1. Haha, yea. Harley’s still enjoying the single life & doesn’t have time to settle down. He’ll learn eventually. Then Arryn will be the one harassing him about going out for beers while his pregnant wife is one bed rest, haha!

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