Poem: Minute (no rhyme) – “Going to Travel”

Don’t say where I cannot go to,

I’m more then I,

Appear to be,

Don’t be fooled.


Why couldn’t you be supportive and,

Believe that I,

Could do it on,

My own, two feet.


I look up to you and you don’t see,

There are some things,

You have to do,

You can’t have fear.


Why let your fears control you,

Don’t walk away,

Support me now,

Your guilty voice.


Can’t see that, I can be alone,

I’ve heard the fire,

In the wind it,

Calls me — travel.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


11 thoughts on “Poem: Minute (no rhyme) – “Going to Travel””

  1. I agree with Ryan. I was ready to cite those words as well–they sound like a spiritual call.

    The voice in the poem wishes for support to accomplish efforts on her own. This can and should happen. We should help each other accomplish what is our own to do.

    The direct quality in the voice tells us to see things this way. Good!

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    1. Thanks, I’ve decided I’m going to try and visit Quebec City at the end of May. I have enough Airmiles to go in the off season and I think I would just do AirBnB fora place to stay in the old part of Quebec 🙂


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