Moral Mondays: A Broken Ballerina

Thanks to Nortina from Lovely Curses who hosts Moral Mondays. The moral prompt this week is: Love Conquers All.



” Oh Sally, it’s shattered! I told you to never touch the ballerina.” Violet held back tears as she reprimanded her daughter. She couldn’t believe Sally, who was thirteen, would break the porcelain ballerini.

Sally knew she shouldn’t have touched the ballerina. ” I only wanted to feel it because Great-Great-Grandma probably held it. You told me stories about her, but you never let me hold the ballerina.” Sally explained.

Violet understood, when you touched an object from a cherished dead relative, it connected you to them. “It’s alright. I love you always and forever, more than any  heirloom,” Violet told Sally hugging her.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


12 thoughts on “Moral Mondays: A Broken Ballerina”

  1. The message behind this story is so beautiful. Sometimes, being connected to a past loved-one, whether touching something of theirs or sharing stories, is more important. Great take on the prompt, Mandi!

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  2. I think Violet handled that real well. I’m sure her daughter was very sorry for causing it to break, and will probably remember that years to come since it was a very special item of her mother’s, but her mother’s response has reassured her that she is forgiven and still loved very much. Wonderful story.

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  3. Objects definitely make you feel closer to the owner, you’re right there. Very sad about the ballerina, though – maybe if Violet hadn’t been so strict, her daughter wouldn’t have broken it in the first place. Nicely told 🙂

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    1. I’m not sure Violet was overly strict. She only valued the piece for it’s sentimental value as it had been passed down all the way from her Great-great Grandmother. But it ends right, she values her daughter and knows she didn’t mean to break it. So, the daughter is where her heart is. thanks for your thoughts Lynn.

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      1. Easy to get upset over objects when they represent someone we’ve lost. But memories and feelings are the most important things. And Violet has it right. Pleasure to read 🙂


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