Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Second American

 The buildings in Havana, Cuba are pastel coloured. The architecture uniquely from the sixteenth-century. I feel anticipation as I walk around the streets of old Havana. The people here are friendly.

It amazes me that Havana served as a stopping point for ships entering and leaving the New World such as “treasure-laden Spanish galleons.” It’s a different view then the view you receive of Havana after the Communist Revolution in 1959 and Cuban Missle Crisis in 1962.

No US President has been on Cuban soil for eighty-eight- years. But Obama was here today, attempting to lift all trade embargoes on Cuba. Despite Raol Castro having significantly varied opinions on human rights, change is coming to Cuba.

For now, I  visit a building called ‘Photo Centre,’a museum. I absorb the history of Havana. Outside the building, I take a selfie; I’m the second American in Havana today.




Thanks to Priceless Joy a gem of a lady who holds FFftAW each week.



Barrack Obama Ready to Bring Change to Cuba . . .

Wikipedia: Havana, Cuba, Cuban Missile Crisis
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43 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Second American”

  1. Interesting story and history….amazing that no U. S. President has been there in.eighty-eight years. Change is coming, but what kind of change? Hopefully, the change will be good, but that is debatable, especially for a communist country.

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    1. I agree Jessie. Especially with same communist family in power. It is definitely somewhere where human’s rights issues are going to need to be looked at and changed. I think Ruol maybe smarter then Fidel in some sense, that he realizes Cuba has to make changes. How far he will go? Depends on international (UN etc) and American pressure I suppose. Thank. You for reading and commenting.

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  2. This is such a wonderful story Mandi. I didn’t know that part of history, “that Obama is the first American president to set foot in Cuba for such a long time “. It’s great to here progress is coming to them. Thanks for enlightening me. 🙂

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  3. Nice one, Mandibelle. I love the history you encapsulate in the story. It’s also good to know that relations between the US and Cuba are so much improved. When we were in Cuba (I’m form the UK) in 2010, even American dollars were banned. Very well told, too. 🙂

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    1. Thank so much Milliethom. I’m glad you liked. Yeah it was dry. It was very much a historic event with Obama and Cuba. I hope both countries can do better there, Cuba with it’s lack of seeing human rights and one I did not mention, the US with it’s Guantanamo Bay prison base on Cuba, where too many people have been tortured terrorist or not.


      1. I didn’t think it was dry. You painted a good picture of life in Cuba. We didn’t actually get down to Guantanamo Bay, but we had it pointed out to us as we went close by on a coach. I’m really glad things are changing there now. Beat wishes, Mandi. Millie 🙂

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