Sunday Photo Fiction: The Elephant in the Shed

Joshua saw his Papa going out to the brick shed. He saw that Papa left the door ajar. He knew Papa and Nana would be mad at him for taking a look inside the shed, but Joshua couldn’t help but peek.

Joshua gazed in awe in the shed. There was an elephant inside, chained up by his leg. 

Terrified brown eyes stared down at Joshua as Joshua placed his hands gently on the elephants trunk and started to pet him. The elephant closed his eyes in delight. Joshua whispered to the elephant that he would come back and set it free. He also named the elephant George.

Later, when Nana and Papa thought he was asleep, Joshua went on his phone and called his Dad, who was in disbelief. Everyone went out to the shed the next morning, Papa laughing at Joshua’s suggestion that he was keeping an elephant locked inside.

Papa hesitated opening the door and Joshua’s Dad took the key from Papa. To Joshua’s Dad’s surprise when he opened the shed, a great elephant stared down at him sadly. Joshua went and hugged George before his Dad could stop him.

The police and a special vet from the zoo were called out to Papa and Nana’s farm and George was set free. Once his chain had been cut off, George trumpeted and began to flap his ears. He waved his head joyfully.

“How could you do this, Dad?” Joshua’s Dad asked Papa. 

“It was something beautiful that I could keep.” Papa admitted. “I never wanted him to leave and I could never let him free because someone would know.”

Joshua’s Dad shook his head at Papa. “Dad, an elephant isn’t meant to be held captive and he needs to be with other elephants.”

Later, Joshua’s parents took him to visit George at the zoo. “Is George free?” Joshua asked his Dad. “Yes, unlike Papa and Nana,” Joshua’s Dad replied. ” George will never be a wild elephant but he’ll be happier at the zoo with other elephants around.” 

Joshua watched George play, happy George had elephant friends.



Alistair Forbes

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

27 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Elephant in the Shed”

    1. Yes elephants are pretty cute and unique creatures. They shouldn’t be locked up. Lovely to hear about your elephant collection. Do you look for elephant pieces when you travel? 🙂 thanks for your comments JoyRoses.


      1. It’s just so hard for me to understand how anyone could be so cruel to an innocent creature like that if they were totally sane – I mean, what is *wrong* with a person that they could do something so horrible, so unthinkable, and yet justify it to themselves somehow? A different type of crazy, maybe.

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Rosema. No I’m not too sure why Papa did it. I think he was just selfish and wanted to keep that beautiful elephant, to be in control and enjoy it himself. Once it grew big he was I trouble because how do you move a big elephant without anyone knowing. Even now, I’m not sure how he could do that. But I think it’s true, there are people in life who do bad things, and they themselves don’t really understand why they did it.

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    1. I thought about having him placed at an elephant sanctuary and maybe he will be someday. But I think since George has been captive since he was small, he wouldn’t do well in the wild. At least more room to move and some friends is a better improvement until maybe he can handle the sanctuary. Thanks for your comments Athling 🙂

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  1. At least Joshua can see that its not right to keep an elephant chained up in the shed, even if his Papa can’t! I’m glad that George is finally happy and among other elephants, though its a shame that he’ll never be released into the wild. Good story, Mandi. 🙂

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