Poem: Free Verse – “Just Go”



I want to just go, 

Travel somewhere,

Where waterfalls splash,

And swimming is the norm.


I want to just go,

See the Duomo in Florence.

Walk the streets of Milan.

See so much art, I’m blinded.


I want to just go,

View waters so blue.

See Coral reefs glow.

Relax in the sand.


I want to just go,

Shop silk scarves, leather shoes,

Barter and buy,

Even though I’ve been taken.


I want to just go,

Drink bellinies and Margaritas,

Do a few shots straight tequila,

Sit on the deck, by the pool.


I want to just go,

Hike the trail through fiolage,

Pretend I’ve no allergies,

See the sunset at night.


I want to just go,

But limitations stop me,

Energy and time,

Money and people too.


I want to just go,

Someday I’ll break free.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

30 thoughts on “Poem: Free Verse – “Just Go””

      1. I don’t travel much Mandi. I have a bad back and tailbone which makes traveling difficult for me. I have 4 metal rods in my lower back and it effects my tailbone.


  1. I love the last two verses. “I want to just go. Someday I’ll break free”. This world is such a beautiful place but we seldom get to enjoy it. Busy with the everyday necessities of life. Great poem!

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  3. “See so much art, I’m blinded.” What a stunning way to describe the experience. I find your verse on shopping to be comforting. I want to buy and not worry about being taken. To me, bargaining and not the actual bargain would be the savor of the experience. Break free and go. That’s a good wish because it’s doable.

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    1. Thanks for commenting. I hope it’s a doable wish. My Dad likes to Barter too, I hate it! But I suppose it’s a good skill to learn when you travel to certain places. I tried in Mexico, I’m not much good 🙂


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