Poem: Ghazal -“Newest Illusion”

A Ghazal is a poem that is made up like an odd numbered chain of couplets, where each couplet is an independent poem. It should be natural to put a comma at the end of the first line. The Ghazal has a refrain of one to three words that repeat, and an inline rhyme that precedes the refrain. Lines 1 and 2, then every second line, has this refrain and inline rhyme, and the last couplet should refer to the authors pen-name… The rhyming scheme is AA bA cA dA eA etc.

Please see Shadow Poetry for further information.

To explain this definition in my poem, ‘illusion’ is my repeating refrain and the word ‘trusting’ is the inline rhyme word that I’m working with in my poem for line A.




Mirage of sensations, not trusting your illusion.

Letting go, letting you in — difficult, just an illusion,

Words swimming in my mind, creatures of the depths in flight,

Begun ‘us,’ place my heart in your hands — I must; illusion.

Images of red, colour offends me from my past life,

Wobbly bridge, cross to you or stuck, you an illusion.

Travelling wisps in the darkness they kiss, ghostly mist.

Implies, in my dreams, I have to risk, not just illusions.

Fantasy helps me escape you’re real, you’re here.

Thoughts unravel typing, wonder must I see illusion?

Confusion alludes to facts, can’t trust my own heart beating so fast.

Around you I find, feeling lust I conclude, you’re illusion.

Days will pass, yesterday is past, don’t relax yet, sublimity.

Thunderstorm forming, anger conforms, rusty old illusion.

Moments they hinder, life from lingering as you drift on by,

Would you be my shelter, find in me hope and trust — illusion.

Our minds whirl, spin, all over the place, seeking a resting place.

Need you to be my peaceful place in life, not just illusion.

Wrapped in your arms, haven of warmth, hearts beating as one,

Didn’t know, what I know now, you’re a must, no illusion.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.







8 thoughts on “Poem: Ghazal -“Newest Illusion””

  1. A beautiful Ghazal. So difficult to write but you’ve done it with grace and with style. Love the illusion and sense of surreal leading to the twist into what matters at the conclusion. Wonderful to read 🙂

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  2. Would you be my shelter, find in me hope and trust

    This line speaks especially impressively to me. I know “illusion” follows, but I think it speaks to truth as well. In asking for emotional shelter, a promise (or a request) to find hope and trust in the one who wants shelter is (maybe also) offered. For people willing to respect each other, I think looking for strengths on both sides is important. It’s as if to say that when I ask for help, I’m not saying I’m totally empty and useless. In offering shelter, I’m not saying I have to give up all I am.

    Phenomenal reasoning and balance, Mandi.

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    1. You are clever and very right Christopher. Equality is something very much the speaker wants. She wants him to be a shelter, but she has her own gifts, talents, value to offer. I don’t know but the issue of “safety” in the sense of a relationship has always been important to me. So, it comes out in this speakers lines, in many of the speakers in my poems. Thank you for reading and your comments.


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