3 Line Tales: Tales of Sunlight and Darkness

Samuel Zeller


1.Surrounded by darkness, yet bathed in light; the sun holds us rapt through the window and illuminates us with it’s cheerful presence; yet behind us is the office, the blackness and blankness of that space I sit and toil in depresses me, but here in sunlight I find a few moments of freedoms with my colleagues; I don’t know them and they don’t me but here we are neighbours in luminescence, at liberty from the chains waiting to be replaced in our cold shadowed offices.

2. This classroom is different from the others I’ve had courses in, for one thing there are gigantic glass windows and open space where I don’t feel as if I’m some mole in a depressing dank hole of a classroom; in this space I feel inspired, I feel hope that I can learn, and do the work the class requires; the open feeling extends to how students treat each other,we laugh, banter, and we trade ideas back and forth (the professor is merely a mediator); at the end of class I’m refreshed and ignited with a passion to learn, a passion I could carry into a career, at least into my school work.

3. I haven’t been here, at this place too long and it’s a new setting for me to become used to; usually, I have worked in silence, now there are the voices of many people spinning and weaving with the sunlight from the huge windows; I’m not used to the light either, it is a warm blast of suppression, making the sunlit tables more stifling; I like the darkness and I am at my best in it, so I watch my new environment with people talking excitedly, observing how these persons thrive in the glow of sunlight, and I thrive in the shadows, the tar black places of the mind.


Thank you to Sonya for hosting the 3 Line Tales challenge/prompt. I know these are long sentences, but I feel with this prompt it’s okay to do that, even though in other writing it is not 🙂


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.


34 thoughts on “3 Line Tales: Tales of Sunlight and Darkness”

  1. Mandi, I like reading long sentences and the way you have crafted your sentences leaves a strong impression on my mind. For, in the last line the way you have presented darkness in the presence of light is very inspiring.
    Very well done and let me read it again 🙂

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      1. Yes, and I find there was a sort of contrast in it. Is it a kind of “juxtaposition” or something else? What do you call the way you have crafted your last sentence?

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  2. Great how you spun three different moods with every line. I most relate to 1. because I used to work in an office similar to it, but the others are just as good. Thanks for another lovely set of lines 🙂

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  3. I see how the person’s story evolves from a new setting for them in this noisy, bright classroom, and getting adjusted to having people around. Feeling hopeful for learning, but being uncomfortable, too, because they are used to the solitude and darkness of the other. I’d feel the same way…I prefer the darkness of shade and night, rather than sunlight and noise. 🙂 Very good stories, Amanda!

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  4. we are neighbours in luminescence, at liberty

    I’m not used to the light either, it is a warm blast of suppression,

    The longer sentences are soil from which phrases, such as these, fully blossom. Each sentence catches, redolent with relevance. Thanks!

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