Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: Merida’s Heiress

Genevieve lost her tour group. She was relieved to spy a man looking over the castle wall ahead of her. He looked at Genevieve, and a smile washed over his gorgeous face. 

He put his hand up to her cheek, “You have the softest skin I have ever felt,” he said with awe.” You must be a Lady to have the privilege of beauty,” the man remarked.

“I’m no Lady, only a woman on vacation,” Genevieve said.”Do you live around here?” 

“I live here until Merida’s heiress arrives. I’m Keith.” The man said.

” Merida’s heiress doesn’t seem to be coming.” Genevieve said smiling, “Why Merida’s heiress, why not Merida?” Genevieve asked.

Keith remarked:”You’re the only woman to have seen me standing here in hundreds of years, you must be Merida’s heiress. Merida and I were running from the English. We were supposed to escape through the tunnels. But Merida was kidnapped and married to an English Lord.” Keith said sadly.

“Merida was a gifted witch and cast a spell. She promised me her first female offspring of twenty-five-years, after the millennium, because she couldn’t be with me.” Keith told Genevieve. She backed away from Keith and he grasped Genevieve’s hand. 

In an instant, Genevieve found herself in another world. She was standing next to Keith at the head of a two long tables in a brightly decorated castle hall. Her dress was flowing white silk.

Keith smiled at Genevieve kissing her softly.”Genevieve, I’ve been awaiting Merida’s promise of you for ages. Together, we will build our lives, as Merida and I never had the chance to do.” Genevieve fainted.



The Storyteller’s Abode (Louise).

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting FFftAW.

Sorry, it’s long but sometimes you can’t cut as much as you’d like.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.


31 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: Merida’s Heiress”

    1. Not so sure. Was a hard one to write today, organizing all my ideas. She’s in another world, a magical place. I’m not sure she has much choice but to be we’d to Keith. She is after all, the keeping of a spell cast and a promise from Merida to Keith. I think he will take good care of her though, he’s not a bad guy. I think he will revere her and care deeply for her. If circumstances are right, I think they fall in love because for Genevieve and Keith to be right together – for the spell to truly work, they have to love each other. But that is more complications and questions, more to write… Perhaps, a story to come back to later when I have time. Thank you for your lovely comments PJ. Happy Women’s Day 😀


    1. Thanks Rosema. Glad you enjoyed. When I have time I might revisit it, as it is full of material and ideas to be explored. Hard one to write today, brain shooting of ideas in every direction, then trying to cut the unnecessary away. 😀

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  1. Wow, that must be an amazing shock for her! But who knows, maybe this will turn out to be her romantic destiny and they will live happily ever after. At least she wakes up at the head of the table with a silk dress on and a handsome man beside her — not a bad start!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. I have to agree, not a bad start at all. Just a destination she hadn’t planned on. I think though since, she is what Merida’s spell promised, there will be love, there has to be to make happily ever after, if happily ever after is the case? Thanks for commenting.

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    1. It’s the beginning of another story I suppose. Waking up in a silk dress with a gorgeous guy, who wants to build a life with her. Sounds good. I think it will be good, if they love each other eventually. Depends how Merida’s spell worked, does it mean love, or was love not so important? Don’t know yet 🙂 thanks Michael.

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    1. Haha, yes expensive indeed. When there is time I might come back to this, there are so many possibilities. I think Keith is a good guy and would take excellent care of her, given he’s been waiting for Genevieve so long. Since it all happened because of a spell his old love Merida cast, love could be part of the deal – something that happens eventually, or not? Too many directions to go. Thanks for commenting Jacqueline.


  2. I’m not surprised she fainted! Learning that you’ve been promised to a man you don’t know, from a completely different time period, by some random ancestor you’ve never heard of would be enough to shock anyone! Hopefully she’ll find happiness and love with Keith. 🙂 Great story, Mandi.

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    1. I think she will. It’s a good plot twist in her life. Keith definitely wants the best for them and cares for her and I kind of think when her ancestor Merida cast the spell, she had true love in mind for her heiress and her beloved that she could not be with. Thanks for commenting Louise!

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