FabFitFun Box: Introduction Box #FabFitFun

I became interested in this box subscription after I saw what my cousin received from her FabFitFun Box in winter. Even though the box is once every season (four times a year) I felt hesitant to try this box due to price. It is $50.00 plus if you’re Canadian it is an extra $10.00 for shipping. However, they had $20.00 off your first box so I ordered it to see what it is like. You can order the box or check out the concept and magazine at FabFitFun. I haven’t decide whether or not I’m going to continue with this subscription. I’m thinking probably not because $60.00 is a sizeable amount of money for items you’re not sure if you’ll like/use or not.

FabFitFun is not only a beauty box. It is a lifestyle box. So, it contains an array of items. Here’s what items were in my introductory box:


The FabFitFun Box ( Amanda Eifert)
Opening the Box – Total Retail Value – $315.95 – (Amanda Eifert)
Shoptiques $25.00 Giftcard (Amanda Eifert)
WREN 14K Gold-Dipped and Black Sapphire Necklace -$100 – ( Amanda Eifert)
Tibetan Goji Berry Eye Serum -$88.00 – (Amanda Eifert)
FRENDS “The Donna” Earbud -$80.00-(Amanda Eifert)


GORGE “I’ll Make You Amazing” Daily (Leave-in-Conditioner) Spray. -$24.95 – (Amanda. Eifert)
COSMOBODY Co-Branded Jump Rope with FFF – workout videos on (fabfitfun.com/magazine.jumprope) – $14.00 – (Amanda Eifert)
Zoya Nail Polish in Avril (Dusty Pink) – $9.00 – (Amanda Eifert)
Organic Valley Organic Balance Protein Shake in Dark Chocolate – $2.99- (Amanda Eifert)

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