Poem: Tanka – “Sentiments for Sentimental”

Thanks to The Daily Post for the prompt word sentimental.






She cried as she remembered,

Her tears streaming down,

Past times whispering softly,

Memories laced with harsh pain.



Whisps of happiness and cheer,

Wonderful times,

Forgotten now, trapped —

A mind that doesn’t know the day.



Years spent, drinking them away.

Parties with girls, now old.

Loving, days spent shot after shot.

Fragile now, liver won’t last long.



Eyes engaging his soul in dance.

First time he saw her,

He’ll never forget, breathless —

Kisses and skin revealed, now gone.



Is that word meaningful for you?


Fondness, time, emotions, experiences–

Missing a person you can’t have back.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.


21 thoughts on “Poem: Tanka – “Sentiments for Sentimental””

      1. Aw, that’s okay. Sometimes it’s harder to describe happiness, I guess because that is one of those feelings that is unique to everyone and often, fleeting. Happiness changes quickly. I think we remember sadness more because after it we became happy. Maybe, these are reasons?

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  1. You make “sentimental” special by investing the word with new meaning and memory. This poems strikes me as one impressive to hear recited. The repetition of the word and the challenges ways to consider it would come through effectively in the presenting, I believe.


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