Beauty: Tartelette in Bloom Palette – Two Looks.

Tartelette in Bloom Palette (Amanda Eifert)

I have a love/hate relationship with eyeshadow palettes. I’m particularly, careful when I buy one because I need to be able to wear and look good in all or most of the colours in the palette for it to be worth it for me to buy. My longtime favorite has been Urban Decay Naked Basics for pretty brown/skin tone coloured shadow that works everyday and can be taken from day to night by adding definition in your eye crease or the outside corner of your crease with a darker shade. It is a wonderful matte palette from a dependable eyeshadow brand.

But, I have been searching for a palette with a bit more variety in it after using up my last Urban Decay Basic’s palette. I have  


Open Tartelette in Bloom Palette. (Amanda Eifert)

wanted a palette with some shimmer or sparkle in it, not all shades, but some. Also, I have wanted a palette that has a few more choices in the family of brown shades with at least three lighter colours. I have found this palette! It is the Tartelette in Bloom Palette by Tarte. I have other Tarte eyeshadow and blush and I adore that Tarte has natural Amazonian Clay based products with excellent pigment. The palette is $54.00 at Sephora but if you sign up for Tarte online you can often buy their products from five to thirty percent off your purchase on certain occasions.

Also, I would like to note that Tarte’s Lights, Cameras, Lashes mascara is awesome too. I have a sample from Tarte I’m currently using. It can also be found at Sephora for $25.00. It is great at coating every lash in mascara without missing lashes as some mascaras do. It can be bought in a waterproof formula ( Lights, Cameras, Splashes) which I think I’m going to have to try. But, I have the regular version, so I am going over it with a second coat of cheap waterproof mascara, so Tarte’s mascara doesn’t end up under my eyes. 

Also, it is important to ensure your eyeshadow lasts and stays put on your eyes by using an eye primer such as the one below by Urban Decay. However, I think if you use your regular face primer on your eyes, it will keep your eyeshadow lasting longer as well, and that’s one less product you need to buy — but it is up to you. 

Also, having the right tools helps when applying eyeshadow. I purchased these two eyeshadow brushes at Shoppers Drug Mart awhile ago and they are Shoppers Drug Mart’s own brand called Quo which you can find at Beauty Boutique online. Quo has a variety of makeup brushes. One Quo makeup brush line is cheaper and the other is more expensive; however, the more expensive line tends to last years (except their foundation brush). 

**Also, please remember to keep your brushes clean and bacteria free. Dish soap and shampoo ( tea-tree oil shampoo is ideal) are both superb ways to clean your brushes once a week or every two-weeks if that is all you can do. If you have a makeup brush that gets ‘wet’ such as your foundation brush, you definitely need to wash that one at least once a week to keep it clean.


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer – (Amanda Eifert)


Quo Eye Shadow Brushes – the fluffy one for ar applying eyeshadow all over an area and the smaller brush for your crease, brow, inner eyelids, and outer eye. (Amanda. Eifert)


What I want to share with you today are two eyeshadow looks which can be achieved with this palette. One look comes with a small insert in the eyeshadow palette, and the other I came up with. 


Tartelette in Bloom Palette Upclose (Amanda Eifert)

Look 1: Sunflower Stare

1. Sweep the shade funny girl all over your your lid and upper eye area.

2. Add definition by blending rebel into your crease.

3. Apply firecracker to the outer corner of your crease and eye.

4. Highlight your brow bone with charmer and put flower child in the inner corner of your lid.


Look 1: Tartelette in Bloom. (Amanda Eifert)


A Second Look for Look 1: Tartelette in Bloom (Amanda Eifert)


Look 2: Neutral Eye with Sparkle

1. Apply flower child all over your eyelid and upper eye area.

2. Sweep jetsetter across only your eyelid.

3. Use rocker to add definition in your crease and the corner of your eye.

4. Take charmer and highlight your brow bone and the inner corners of your eye.


Look 2: Tartelette in Bloom (Amanda Eifert)


Thanks for reading! 


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.


11 thoughts on “Beauty: Tartelette in Bloom Palette – Two Looks.”

  1. I love both Urban Decay and Tarte…Tarte is also sold on QVC and often their prices are even better, so be sure to check them out too. I’ve been looking at that Urban Decay Palette as I love eyeshadows and it seems I can never have enough. I have Smashbox too, it’s a tri-fold book size offering and has lots to choose from. Makeup is so fun! Thanks for the info, think I’ll check into Urban Decay, I use her blushes and highlighters. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah the eye shadow is pretty wicked for UD, I’m saving up points at Shoppers Drug Marts to get their #3 pallet. My all time favourite is their matte original pallets for about $38.00. It’s just a small one.

      For Tarte actually, I just sign up to get their email and shop directly off their site. Often, they gave sales of 25 percent to 30 percent off. Another thing is if you go to the Tarte site and leave your purchases in your cart a day or three, you can often get a discount up to 20 percent. They’ll start at 10 or 15 but go up to 20 often. Although, some of the best items never go on sale unless you purchase them at sephora with a VIB discount, which periodically come out from their emails 🙂 Glad you liked this post!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh wow thanks for all that info. I like mattes but I like sparkles too, so I like to have both in the palette. I’m going to get the Urban Decay next time I’m out shopping!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. In my younger years I wore makeup but since I got older, I found I’m allergic but that’s ok because I still like to read about it. I would like to invite you to follow my new site CRYSTAL’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE-NOT LITERALLY. HAHA!🎆🎆😎😎🙂🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tarts is great, mineral makeup or clay based. Also pure minerals is a great brand that’s mineral based. I don’t know if you’ve tried Clinique but it’s very good for sensitive or skin that’s allergic as well. I encourage u to visit Sephora and try out these brands, even get samples . . .if you’re interested in make up. Thanks for reading this piece. I have more for the future from this spring 🙂


    1. Well, here’s what I would do depending on where you live, I think Sephora is pretty much everywhere, as is the store Ulta which is similar. Find a sales woman/girl who seems knowledgable to you about makeup, tell them your concerns. I would think that a mineral kind of makeup would be better or a Vegan one as it would be missing certain ingredients which are causing you to be allergic.

      I don’t get samples that easily myself as I’m just a customer sharing her knowledge but I believe if you went to the make up place, such as Sephora (a makeup store with tones of makeup brands) tell them you get allergic easily and then actually ask for samples of say foundation and mascara, lipstick etc that you can try for a week. Or at least put on your skin in store. I’m not sure if you react immediately or not but for some brands you would definantly be able to tell right away! I do have the issue where I’m allergic to some brands, for me usually cheaper brands can make me itchy or red such as Maybelline or Covergirl.

      At Sephora, if you can get to one, look at:
      — Tarte
      — RMS beauty
      — check out Clinique if you haven’t tried their stuff recently
      — also Bobbi Brown might or might not be okay

      Some of these brands (above) might be at Ulta as well with some cheaper brands such as:
      — physicians formula (mineral makeup)
      — possibly Marcelle makeup

      If you have none of these places where you live a place such as Nordstrom’s, Macey’s, etc. A department store would be a great place to try different makeups and get samples and you might get better one on one help at a place such as this

      If you cannot get to any of these places I would recommend emailing Sephora On and telling them your issue to see if they can help you, send you samples or you can go online try something from each brand and return it, if you receive an allergic reaction, but ask customer service about this. The same with Ulta Also Tarte can be ordered online and you can talk to them about samples etc. in customer service.

      My last thought for a place for you try to makeup at is LUSH. It smells over powering in the shop but that’s just the bath bombs, they have absolutely Vegan and mineral based makeup. You can look at and see what they have. In store, they will give you samples in small containers to try for sure, the same if you are looking for skin care you just have to ask and try the testers when possible.

      I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes for you and let me know if I can help you anymore. Where do you hail from? This might help me to find a place you could go to try stuff out and get good samples?


      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah that would be so tough. The only thing I can think of is going for allergy testing maybe to isolate what you are allergic too specifically? But hopefully through trial and error, you might find a brand that works for you. Cheers

      Liked by 1 person

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