Poem: Wrapped Refrain – ” Waif, Woman, Girl.” 

Thank you to The Daily Prompt for the word prompt screen.


Absence invites you, listen,

Not wanting to see my tears glisten.

Blocking me, am I an illusion?

Between us is too much confusion.

Hating, to turn the tables on you — I’m fail safe.

Modern woman seeking solace, only a small waif.


Drifting girl who caught your fancy,

Thinking me a necromancer,

No, I’m no wicked witch casting,

I’m no immortal everlasting.

Concluding, I’m your shadow now, don’t think that way.

Modern woman here, depending on her own say.


You dream I’m glued to your side,

Wishing you’d let me off this ride.

Commitment, did I say that?

No, I said I’ll be like you — fat —

Off hurting, confusing, many precious women — pearls.

Who believed Prince Charming didn’t hurt, he did –whirls.


You’ll excuse me, I screen all profiles.

Odds are, you’ll desert, admist trial.

Looking for longterm love, my dear?

Became like some guys, single by fear.

Booting you out of bed, never to be seen again.

You’ve been screened, now kindly disappear — let me reign.


Here I am Queen; I learned from the best,

Play all your cards, close to your chest.

Modern woman, can she actually believe?

Her dreams, her fears, her tears, might weave.

Leaning on a partner, her prince, only a man?

Absence invites, waif schemes wiser, dreaming, plans.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.

12 thoughts on “Poem: Wrapped Refrain – ” Waif, Woman, Girl.” ”

  1. Wow, imaginative piece Mandi! And thanks for introducing the word “waif” to me too. 😀 I especially love this line, “A waif schemes wiser, dreaming, better plans.”

    I’m pretty sure this is your second wrapped poetry that I’ve read- or maybe I just missed the other ones. Great job! 😉

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      1. I went ahead and found that I missed reading two. :\ They’re great! What I love in your poems is your way with words and your imagery. So vivid, it plays on my mind. 😀

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  2. . . . I’m fail safe.

    Modern woman seeking solace, only a small waif.

    . . .

    A waif schemes wiser, dreaming, better plans.

    These words especially grabbed me; the rest is captivating, too. An understanding of personal power is suffuse throughout the poem. These (the words above) show an open self-awareness of the need for comfort and for dreams. The last line brings to mind the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist. I imagine he dreamed. I hope so.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You see through me into my poem well. Yes, it is about personal power and I guess the speakers ” individualism” and comfortable ess with herself being who she is, and not accepting less because of who she is, that is her personal power. Dreams are things she is not so sure will come true, but there is always hope — I hope 🙂 Thank you for commenting Christopher.

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