Stand by you!

Inspiring song from JoyRoses.

Nuggets of Gold

A friend posted this song for me on FB  and I have listened to it countless times! Today especially I have been playing it as another rock in the road to go over draws closer. Wanted to share it with all of you and to hopefully pass on encouragement if you could use this right now or for you to pass on to someone else who you know needs it. I promise you they will be touched by it! It may be hard for them to find the good, heavenly things right now, but for them to know that no matter what you will walk the rough road with them means so very much!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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Featured Posts # 13… Let me share your post links.

Check out some new bloggers from Jacqueline of A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales.

a cooking pot and twisted tales


Today’s featured blogs are:

Sunday giggles From Stella. It’s nothing but the truth.

Upward Spiral Introducing Michelle, she is a newbie in our midst. Please show some welcome and love 🙂

Meet Aunt Delma from Oneta I bet you had one feisty and beautiful lady in your life like Aunt Delma.

Lidija’s kitchen step into Lidija’s abode for yummy offerings that will whet your appetite.

Mandibelle is one of my favourite persons in this place. Need I say much? She is a very supportive friend and a brilliant writer too.

Please visit their blogs and say hello. A few minutes may gain you a friendly support.

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Poem: Wrapped Refrain – ” Waif, Woman, Girl.” 

Thank you to The Daily Prompt for the word prompt screen.


Absence invites you, listen,

Not wanting to see my tears glisten.

Blocking me, am I an illusion?

Between us is too much confusion.

Hating, to turn the tables on you — I’m fail safe.

Modern woman seeking solace, only a small waif.


Drifting girl who caught your fancy,

Thinking me a necromancer,

No, I’m no wicked witch casting,

I’m no immortal everlasting.

Concluding, I’m your shadow now, don’t think that way.

Modern woman here, depending on her own say.


You dream I’m glued to your side,

Wishing you’d let me off this ride.

Commitment, did I say that?

No, I said I’ll be like you — fat —

Off hurting, confusing, many precious women — pearls.

Who believed Prince Charming didn’t hurt, he did –whirls.


You’ll excuse me, I screen all profiles.

Odds are, you’ll desert, admist trial.

Looking for longterm love, my dear?

Became like some guys, single by fear.

Booting you out of bed, never to be seen again.

You’ve been screened, now kindly disappear — let me reign.


Here I am Queen; I learned from the best,

Play all your cards, close to your chest.

Modern woman, can she actually believe?

Her dreams, her fears, her tears, might weave.

Leaning on a partner, her prince, only a man?

Absence invites, waif schemes wiser, dreaming, plans.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.

Angry Thorns Of Blood Red Rose

Read this wonderful poem by Dom. It’s beautifully written and intriguing with many layers to it!

Black and Write

Angry thorns of blood red rose

What seething lies behind grace?

A gorgeous vessel hollow knows

Deception lives in their space.

Flawless in another’s eyes

Believing what we think we see.

Behind closed doors this angel cries

Wishing to only be free.

Prisons reveal in many forms

Hiding ugliness on the inside.

Keeping contained the tempests storm

‘Til emotions and rage collide.

Then you will see the fragile soul living with torment and fear,

Begging for mercy to fill the hole that now shows so visibly clear.

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

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