Poem: Nonets -“Mutual Longing”

Thanks to the Daily Prompt for the word longing.



Doesn’t matter where I venture to,

Doesn’t mean much when I’m absorbed,

Inclination is to think,

Of Moments with him past, 

Why isn’t he here now,

Inside I Know,

He’s left me,




Wandering in search of you, you’d,

Think I’d ponder why you’re vapour,

Why I haven’t seen your face,

Glancing you from a far, 

You can’t comprehend,

What it is to,

Want and not,

Hold close,



Drinking down frosty beer, she’s somewhere near,

Dreaming about how it feels to kiss her,

Hold her close, breath her in,

Said words that haunt my fears,

Can you take words back,

Watching her sip,

With her lips,

I miss,



©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.


15 thoughts on “Poem: Nonets -“Mutual Longing””

  1. I appreciate all three poems for their sharply crafted elements of loss. I’m especially drawn to the first nonet, because there are attempts not to see the truth but then have to settle for it. I like the way you use “vapour” in the second poem. And the third poem starts with drinking beer–a good, earthy detail that reminds us all the feelings live in the real world.

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    1. Thank you the first poem is her view of things and the middle poem could be something they both think that’s why I used the word “you” and third poem is of course his view and the beer is a good sign that it’s a “him” as you related well. Thank you Christopher have a great weekend!

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