Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers: “Demonic Beauty”

Enclosed in the bar, eyes magnify; temptress in red, silk sliding on skin.

Sway in her hips, a tease of the senses. Men breathless consent, adoring sin.

Striding with ease, heels ruby with diamonds. Naked shoulders shimmer, anticipating.

Treading softly, fallen in red fire, elusive, and beguiling; illusion of flames sating.

Moving her hips, licking cherry red lips; coal glimmer in demonic eyes.

Sensations burning, engulfs her body; seething, writhing, building her disguise,

A vestige of power; she’s the tyger enticing, an allusion to Eden, of poisonus lies.

Decisive, sauntering closer, flicking hair, tar-black as the ash before Lent.

Peer into eyes, a glimmer of gold, metal men grieve for; silence, fire scent.

A vision, a curse, a whisper in vain — animating, the instrument on stage, 

Notes dance, music bleeding; breathing sweat, the melody of the enraged,

Fire rings, smoke engulfing; watch the woman despair, her voice entrances, beware–

Beauty enraged, a witch, incaged; performing she’s the beast, on stage no cares.



Thanks to Priceless Joy our wonderful host of FFfAW.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.


47 thoughts on “Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers: “Demonic Beauty””

      1. You’re most welcome Mandi. I can imagine her walking from the door, with all eyes hungry for her, then getting on that stage. She hasn’t even played yet but your descriptions sounds like she has already performed beyond the stage. Powerful use of words! 😀

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      2. Thank you Maria. I’m excited to hear you got that image, I spent a good deal of time crafting it and her. She’s definitely something wild, sexy, something dark too. But I think the music is her freedom.


      3. You’ve done perfectly well in fitting her image with your descriptions, Mandi. 🙂 I love the way you portray her, which goes perfectly well with the image too. 😀

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  1. Wow, succubus or incubus (I forget which is which). Great imagery bring red, black, and diamond colors together in sensorial, sensual–and, well, sonorous–ways. I particular admire “music bleeding” followed by “melody of the enraged.” You present a doom of men, I think. So well-done!

    Liked by 1 person

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